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  1. Lassan

    Stem Cell Research

    And about the issue of federal funding for stem cell research as opposed to private industry funding it, I think the point made that private organisations would only fund/push uses that are profitable. I feel particularly strongly about it, I guess because of the fact that my father suffers from...
  2. Lassan

    Stem Cell Research

    That life technically didn't ask to be brough into the world in the first place though, too, as a friend of mine pointed out to me..
  3. Lassan

    Stem Cell Research

    Obama ends stem cell funding ban US President Barack Obama has lifted restrictions on federal funding for research on new stem cell lines...
  4. Lassan

    Petition against daylight savings time lol

    It's good though, because days are then longer, otherwise people are always, like, depressed because you wake up in the morning and it's dark, and you get back in the evening and it's dark (at least where I am, at times) besides, the best thing about Daylight Saving Time... It annoys my mum.! :D
  5. Lassan

    who believe the world will end in 2012

    Oh, found a better, more explanatory source.
  6. Lassan

    who believe the world will end in 2012

    They're not really 'Rumours' in the usual sense of the word.. :P It's something to do with the Mayan Calendar predicting an apocalypse in 2012 that apparently a lot of people believe in. I don't fully understand how it originates but
  7. Lassan

    REQ Does anybody have pictures of Michael Jackson's eyes (non Photoshoped Pics Please!)

    The second picture is stretched horizontally, makes his features look slightly disproportionate therefore your 'halloween comes to mind'. I believe so anyway. I think it's a good picture though, with the exception of the hair, maybe. :) EDIT: Also, it looks like it's HEAVILY photoshopped...
  8. Lassan

    Stem Cell Research

    Hi, we were studying about stem cells in biology today, and looked at some ethical issues regarding it.. I was just wondering what the general consensus was, so please just vote in the poll. Are you in favour of Stem Cell Research or against it?
  9. Lassan

    How did you learn your English? (for non-native speakers only)

    At school, we were forced to speak in English at all times, except for when it was a language lesson when you had to speak that language.. But I learnt most of it by reading books, I think. Harry Potter, especially (probably read all the books over 75 times combined). Also, I used to read a lot...
  10. Lassan

    Safari (web browser) new beta released for Mac & PC!

    It kind of look like Google Chrome, and the Top Sites idea is also heavily 'borrowed' from Chrome, although made more 'elegant', the apple way. You really need to try out some Firefox extensions, trust me. :P Try 'Autopager', for example. That said, I would really love to try it, but I'm not...
  11. Lassan

    Michael #7 Top Search!!!

    I don't think the screenshot posted is from Google Trends, looks different =/ And I can't find Yahoo Top Searches, (do they exist)? BillieJeanBoy, could you please clarify, I'm really interested. :P :)
  12. Lassan

    I need some fans backing me up here!

    Ask her why she thinks that. If she says something like "they just are", she obviously hasn't thought about it and/or paid much attention. In that case, ask her to analyse them and then explain to you why she dislikes them, if you want to 'enlighten' her. If you don't really care, just let her...
  13. Lassan

    The michael and j5 song game

    Another Part of Me
  14. Lassan

    The michael and j5 song game

    Lovely One
  15. Lassan

    Boy, 13, becomes father

    oh, can't really say the sources are realiable though, and I wasn't able to find any other, so.. take all this with a grain (or mountain) of salt.
  16. Lassan

    Boy, 13, becomes father This gets even more confusing. Two other kids 'claiming' to be possible parents because they slept with the 15 year old girl.. No idea why they would do that, let alone why they...
  17. Lassan

    When Was the Last Time?

    Re: When was the last time..? When was the last time you ... went to the bathroom? :P
  18. Lassan

    What Are You Listening To?

    Re: what are you listening to.. Stranger in Moscow! We're talking danger, babeh!
  19. Lassan

    Did you know?

    ^ Didn't know that Did you know that it at the moment, it takes 1.4 cents to make a cent coin?
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    Post your mood in ONE word