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  1. Another Message from Majestik

    If you do not know who Majestik is, you should watch "Louis, Martin and Michael" (it is on youtube)
  2. “Hollywood Tonight” VIDEO premieres NOW

    earth song no good (but sim is amazing)
  3. “Hollywood Tonight” VIDEO premieres NOW

    hollywood tonight continues the story from dykwyca
  4. SLITHTER, unrealised snnipet from Blood On The Dance Floor, what do you think?

    this is so fake. anyone can create a video with "michael jackson unreleased" in the title. how could anyone possibly this is real?
  5. Slave To The Rythym Questions

    MJ said he was a slave to the rythym back in 93 with O.
  6. What are you drinking?

    mystery drink
  7. A to Z - of your fave names!!!

  8. *How low can we go?*

  9. The Person Below Me....

    Re: The person below me.... of course i agree! TPBM is a nymphomaniac?
  10. Do you think that Michael ever...

    Don't think so, but he certainly was a ladies man. P Diddy recalls that "he came to the party to holla at Beyonce, finds her and dances with Beyonce at the party. Mike was smooth J." Next question: Do you think that Michael ever read MJJC?
  11. Bobblehead deal

    only 52 mins left to get this at this very special price, and only 40% still available. hurry. lots of love, H4M
  12. Bobblehead deal

    Gold box deal on, only 11.99 USD!
  13. Arklove, will you marry me?

    We are waiting for our wedding night.
  14. Arklove, will you marry me?

    OK, I'll forgive you... our love is strong. But never forget how special this song is for us both!
  15. Arklove, will you marry me?

    Arklove, my love, I'm very disappointed to find that you like Best of Joy better than Behind the Mask. Why didn't you just tell me you felt this way? I have some serious thinking to do now. Love, H4M
  16. MICHAEL album Elimination Game! WINNER ON PAGE 43!

    Re: MICHAEL album Elimination Game! FINAL ROUND - PAGE 38 / POST 569 best of joy