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  1. Wembley DVD content - discuss Michael, his concert and performance ONLY [discussion ]

    Re: BAD 25 MJ Demo's unreleased and unheard studio songs [Discussion thread] I love the songs SO MUCH I NEEEED BAD25!!!! Yeah, Al Capone sounds like an early version of Smooth Criminal!!! How cool is that! And the Price of Fame is my favorite already!!! Still a couple of more days...!
  2. Dutch & Belgian MJ fans

    Hoi lieve medeMJers! Hoe is het met jullie? Ik ben een beetje gestressed, druk enzo :S maar MJ is er gelukkig altijd om mn dag op te vrolijken. Ik vind MJtunes radio heel erg leuk om naar te luisteren, dan is het steeds weer een verrassing wat er nu weer voor MJ nr komt! En elk liedje zeg/denk...
  3. Justin Bieber’s New Single "Die" Is Really Just an Old Michael Jackson Song

    It is certainly not uncommon to sample and copy old songs. I don't think it is a bad thing at all. I also think this song is certainly more a song which has samples from the old MJ song, but does not try to copy it or take credit or something like that. I'm not a big Bieber fan but I do know...
  4. Oprah to Interview Paris Jackson For A 2nd Time on "Next Chapter" Airing This Summer!

    I saw the interview and I am really in shock at how freakily fake and bizarrely hypocritical Oprah is. I do think that Paris did a great job answering all the closed and misleading questions. Paris didn't say she was bullied, she said people have tried to bully her and cyberbully her. But that...
  5. The Story Behind MJ's Infectious NEW Song!

    I love Don't be messin around! It sounds almost salsa at first, and is such a fun song! Ah, all the unreleased treasures there still be...
  6. Oprah to Interview Paris Jackson For A 2nd Time on "Next Chapter" Airing This Summer!

    Obviously Oprah does the interview for her own (no pun intended) ratings, and Paris probably does the interview to promote her movie. I don't think Paris knows just how awful Oprah has been in the past. I also don't get why ppl forget all those hateful things she said about MJ... it makes me...
  7. Dutch & Belgian MJ fans

    Mij maakt het niet zoveel uit als mensen zich verkleden als MJ, dat moeten ze lekker zelf weten... zelfs als ze heel erg 'lijken' zie ik toch dat ze iemand anders zijn. Ik vind het wel leuk als ze proberen zijn dans na te doen, sommigen doen het heel goed. Natuurlijk nooit zo goed als het...
  8. MJ's handwritten note to Lisa Marie Presley

    @ the smirking newscasters of that disgusting CNN piece: No, he meant your brains are filled with turds so you can't even understand a simple letter! That is what's really bizarre. Pardon my Frensh. This is exactly why I don't get the news media. It is not just the tabloids that slander MJ's...
  9. One million kisses for michael..

    One kiss like this: for you Michael!!!
  10. I feel so alone: Being a Michael Jackson fan

    All MJ fans: I love you! I may not know you in person, but knowing you are also MJ fans, means you are caring, loyal, interested in the truth, wanting to make the world a better place, including and loving people! Some other people just don't get it, they are brainwashed by the tabloid press and...
  11. The first MJ forum you ever used?

    I was member of MJJF and enjoyed it a lot. Then it became MJJC and I'm still here :-)
  12. Dutch & Belgian MJ fans

    Heey lieve MJ fam!!! Ik vind het zo fijn om op MJJC te komen, alle liefde die hier is. Ik vind het heerlijk om dat Belgisch te lezen trouwens, zo'n mooie taal! Mooier nederlands dan nederlands nederlands, if you know what I'm sayin. LOL! Ik wou gewoon even zeggen: Ik hou van jullie!!! Heehee...
  13. Michael and the ladies

    she's totally checking him out! LOL XD
  14. Snippet of Black and White dance rehearsal

    really cool! That is one of my favorite parts of Black or White! :-D
  15. Which are the stereotypes about your country??

    we just wear clogs, live in windmills, grow tulips and marijuhana, eat cheese and are really cheap! (Holland) Well I do love cheese, but the rest I have to disagree with :P
  16. Michael Jackson Body Language

    That was super interesting!
  17. This makes me happy.

    that's great!