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  1. Change My Username Thread

    Re: Official MJJC Change My Name Thread (Only Once is allowed) Can you change my name to Hazard please?
  2. Give it up for Diana Ross

    You scared me.
  3. Michael singing WYBT live at NACCP-Awards 1993

    Only time he sang WYBT live. Great vocals though.
  4. Anyone find religion scary ?

    Without religion in my life, I don't think I would be alive today.
  5. A-Z of Animals

  6. What was the last MJ song u listened to?

    Get It Together
  7. What's The Time?

    Re: What's The Time? 1:53 pm
  8. Every time...

    Every time I have a nightmare, I think of Thriller
  9. A to Z - of your fave names!!!

  10. A-Z of Locations

  11. Name That Michael Jackson Song A-Z

  12. Let's Count!

    Re: How High Can we Count? 59,582
  13. Michael Joseph Jackson thread

    Re: Michael Joseph Jackson thead Joseph
  14. The MJ video battle game...

    Ghosts vs Blane It On The Boogie
  15. Go up in 3s

  16. Count in 6's

  17. What are You eating?

    Tuna sandwich
  18. Post your mood in ONE word