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  1. Apolo Ohno

    Love him :D
  2. Michael in Ireland [ Merged ]

    Re: Michael in Ireland oh no! So sad to hear about Eugene. I loved watching him as a kid.. I remember his dog Judge and I just LOVED Wanderly Wagon. :D
  3. Jeff Hardy An MJ Fan?

    I love me some Jeff Hardy.. I get his tweets too.. he tweeted about going to see TII. He loved it.. he also bought TII on dvd.
  4. Michael in Ireland [ Merged ]

    Re: Michael in Ireland So, how my fellow Irish men/women doing? :) Yes, Emerald, I'm from Ros, where are you from? Thanks Gottobethere, I got my car in 2003 and wasn't hard for me to pick a personalized tag for it. I still have it on my car. Probably won't ever change it, Michael may not...
  5. Michael in Ireland [ Merged ]

    Re: Michael in Ireland I'm from Ireland and was at the Dangerous Tour , Dublin 92. I was on vacation in the US during the Bad Tour in 88. Crying cause I wasn't in Cork. LOL I had moved to the US permanently by the time the HIStory tour came around, so I missed him once more. I was actually...
  6. whats the best cell phone company?

    I have T-Mobile also, no problems at all..
  7. Sorry...I have to open up

    Just stopped by to see if there was an update on your Mom. Sorry, to hear that you still don't have answers. I know you are both tired and it's hard to keep going, but you got to, Maria. Your Mom is very lucky to have you, Please send her my love and best wishes. xxx
  8. Sorry...I have to open up

    Hey Maria, I got your e-mail. Sorry, I haven't responded yet, Just know that I'm thinking of you and your Mom and praying that they will be able to do something to help her soon. I know you are at your wits end, girl, but, don't give up, hang in there and ignore those family members who are...
  9. Old & new members of MJJC

    Michelle.. Check your inbox girl :)
  10. Old & new members of MJJC

    Thank you :) Got to renew my tag on Tuesday, Thanks for the reminder. LOL
  11. Old & new members of MJJC

    The reason I stopped coming and stopped posting was because of all the hatred being spread on here. I know we lost Michael, but there was NO excuse for how "some" people were behaving. I also couldn't stand seeing all the tabloid "news" articles being posted all over the place, and then...
  12. The 'Have you got tickets?/When are you going?' thread!

    Re: The 'Have you got tickets?' thread! Got mine online at exactly 12.01. Going to the Premiere. Oct 27th at midnight
  13. Tito Jackson : "I forgive Conrad Murray"

    Britain's Daily Mirror? Really.. Enough said..
  14. Calling All Fans from US - NC, VA, SC, GA, TN, LA, TX, OK, FL, AL

    So, that makes 5 of us.. I'm 40mins from Winston. Go to Hanes Mall all the time. :)
  15. Calling All Fans from US - NC, VA, SC, GA, TN, LA, TX, OK, FL, AL

    I live in North Carolina.. 30mins from Charlotte..
  16. sneak peek of Aug. 29 google logo

    Jennifer told me about this on facebook. I love it. Made me smile but sad at the same time.
  17. D.J AM is dead!

    RIP DJ Adam :(
  18. Sorry...I have to open up

    Hey Maria.. Tell Mom that I said hello and that I hope something can be done to help her soon. I know I've not been around here for awhile but I've been thinking of you both. Take care of yourselves. Love Cass
  19. Dit we all understand michael his message? are you?

    Thanks jenny. Will reply when I get home from work. Xxx