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  1. 'Official Michael Jackson Opus' (All Threads Merged)

    I have just w-mailed them again about the print and online content. Don't expect they'll reply. I only ever get an answer from them when I ring them. They should be refunding our money for phone calls too. Like how much in total have we all spent ringing them since lase December. Crazy!
  2. Hate book

    I was wondering if anyone has heard of this book before. It is on sale on Google. I want to try and stop it. The site promoting it is
  3. 'Official Michael Jackson Opus' (All Threads Merged)

    We should all write to Watch Dog or The One show on BBC1 about it. I mean nearly a year on and still fans have no print, second glove or Print. Maybe we should fix a date and show up at their store in London together and refuse to move. They couldn't blow us of then like on the phone or e-mails.
  4. Janet is the new face of BlackGlama

    Photos are awesome, but real fur. Very disappointed with her.
  5. 'Official Michael Jackson Opus' (All Threads Merged)

    I phoned them yesterday and today, and after having a fight with guy on phone I got a lovely girl, who rang me back in 5mins and told me The people over the book have flown over to the Estate in America this week to talk about the site, and print is taking longer than they thought (another 3...
  6. Update: TV ALERT: Michael & Bubbles - Animal Planet Documentary 6/22 - 6/24

    Don't get your hopes up, this will start of good and then turn. I don't trust the media one point when it comes to shows on MJ.
  7. Joe Jackson: "I blame my wife for Michael's death"

    Joe has sunk to a whole new Level. How much did he get for this interview. He only cares about money and getting himself in front of the TV Cameras.
  8. 'Official Michael Jackson Opus' (All Threads Merged)

    Tinnyandodd, you would get anywhere with e-mails, ring them up. I am from Ireland and ordered mine in September, it came December 28th. Fans from other countries ordered same time, and some like you still waiting for book.
  9. 'Official Michael Jackson Opus' (All Threads Merged)

    I rang for the Glove and then for the card. Each time it took about 2 weeks to get. Still no print though.
  10. The corner store man vs. Michael Jackson fan and we won!

    Well done L.J. :) We have to fight things like this for Michael and his children.
  11. UPDATE : JFF to Remember MJ @ Anniversary Celebration Event / Not Estate Approved / $75 for Fans

    Re: Jackson Family to Remember Michael at Anniversary Celebration Event To me it all sounds very rushed, and why such short notice, most fans would have to save to go over for it. It's all unfair.
  12. Irish Fans for 25th June

    I pray every country in someway has some tribute to Michael.
  13. Legal Fight Brewing in Jackson House UPDATE POST #172 - 17/6

    Re: Legal Fight Brewing in Jackson House Jermaine once refused to acknowledge his own kids, and made them take a DNA test, even though he knew they were afraid of Needles.
  14. Should Obama Attend a Michael Jackson Memorial?

    no, it took him ages to come out after MJ died, so why should he go to a memorial?
  15. 'Official Michael Jackson Opus' (All Threads Merged)

    Same here, same answer always. What the hell did they charge so much for, when some fans are still waiting for book, only one glove, no card and still no print. This print better be worth the wait, it wouldn't surprise me if it's not a new image at all.
  16. Irish Fans for 25th June

    Bump. This will be a day of fun and of sharing out love of MJ.
  17. Mac Culkin defends Michael in new letter

    what date is this sick person claiming this happened to him? Easy to throw allegations now, when MJ is not here to defend himself.
  18. Was Michael tricked into "performing" at the WMA 2006?

    It was the only awards show since been a fan I didn't look at, as I had been for a long time unhappy with the way he was been managed and those around him. I just felt that night was going to be a nightmare and could not face to look at it. Sadly I was right, it was turned out wrong for MJ...