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  1. Your top 5 LEAST fave MJ solo songs (Motown excluded)

    Privacy (I think it's really boring) Butterflies (Overrated within the fan community. People praise Michael's falsetto but I find it annoying) You Are Not Alone (Boring and generic RnB song. The person who wrote it don't help either) Cry (Same issue as YANA) Smile (It deserves it's place on...
  2. I Am a Fan, But... (What Makes You Heretic Among Other Fans?)

    May she rest in peace but I never understood some fans obsession with Lisa Marie Presley. Even before she passed away
  3. Moonwalker appreciation thread

    I wish the arcade version of the video game would be available for digital download.
  4. What was Michael Jackson's best album?

    It's hard to choose between BAD, Dangerous, HIStory and the first 5 tracks on Blood On The Dance Floor. Michael was really at his creative peak during these times.
  5. Blood On The Dancefloor Setlist

    Don't Stop Til You Get Enough Wanna Be Startin Somethin They Don't Care About Us Stranger In Moscow Smooth Criminal Morphine The Way You Make Me Feel Superfly Sister Ghosts Is It Scary Thriller Beat It Billie Jean Black Or White Blood On The Dance Floor Earth Song Man In The Mirror
  6. Chris Rock Special - NPR Review critiques MJ joke

    I know we're getting off topic here but at the time the slap happened it looked as though Will Smith was going through some mental struggles and needed help. I'm no mental health expert, but something seemed off with him during that time. But a new DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince album would...
  7. Chris Rock Special - NPR Review critiques MJ joke

    That Will Smith slap has given Chris Rock more fame and attention than he's ever dreamed of, and he's loving every second of it.
  8. Chris Rock Special - NPR Review critiques MJ joke

    And there's photo's of him palling around with convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein. He's quick to attack MJ who was an aquitted man but stays silent on Weinstein. Selective outrage indeed
  9. Chris Rock Special - NPR Review critiques MJ joke

    Chris Rock has been accused of rape himself Not saying Chris is guilty but those who shout the loudest are usually the ones with something to hide
  10. The Brad Sunberg Seminar Leak/Theft of 2023

    Michael Jackson fans can be so overdramatic on times. It's a little embarassing tbh
  11. Which song was Michael going to sing live in This is It

    I think the reason why some songs were condensed was because that way more songs could be added to the setlist. I'm sure the more popular songs (Smooth Criminal, Billie Jean etc) would be played in full
  12. Which song was Michael going to sing live in This is It

    Michael Prince said that MJ wanted to sing live as much as possible on This Is It. Some songs would be 100% live while other songs would be a mix of live and lip sync.. For example the verses to a song would be live but the chorus would be lip synced or vice versa. And I'm sure lots of live...
  13. Swap out one track on each album for an outtake from that album's sessions

    On Invincible I'd replace Butterflies, Cry and Privacy with Xscape, Hollywood Tonight and We've Had Enough
  14. Did MJ re record beat it vocals for This is it ?

    Why use audio from a Victory Tour concert? It would have made more sense to use something from the Dangerous Tour IMO
  15. I feel wrong about prefering the DWT

    Dangerous Tour is awesome. My mom and aunt saw it in 1992 but they said I was too young at the time.. I was 3
  16. Full Final Traklist of This Is It tour

    IIRC Michael and Kenny Ortega were looking at songs that could be removed and when Kenny suggested YANA Michael said no because that's one of his biggest hits. Personally I could have done without it
  17. Full Final Traklist of This Is It tour

    The order might be wrong but I think this was the final setlist. Some songs would probably end up being removed 1. Wanna Be Startin Somethin 2. Jam 3. They Don't Care About Us 4. Human Nature (Sometimes replaced with Stranger In Moscow) 5. Smooth Criminal 6. The Way You Make Me Feel 7...
  18. Samples from previous songs

    I think the intro of Another Part Of Me was sampled in Smooth Criminal (14:41)
  19. If MJ was like Prince...

    Imagine if he refused to work with other songwriters. We would have never gotten Human Nature, Man In The Mirror, Thriller, Rock With You. I just wish he would have made one album where he wrote and composed all the songs himself. The closest we got to that was BAD
  20. Did you have to adjust to Michael's new sound when dangerous got released?

    But he took those trends and improved upon them.