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  1. n3v3rland

    16 Jul08 Michael Jackson's 'Billie Jean' Voted 'Best Dance Song Ever'

    Re: 16 Jul08.......mentiongs..mentionings...??where is Michael today?? Thanks for the news. :D
  2. n3v3rland

    Black or white Pics

    My favorite vid from Dangerous!!! You are SO awesome!!!
  3. n3v3rland

    Anyone know where i can get "Childhood" Piano Music?

    I have another version, and it's a PDF file from a website. This version is a little more complicated - enjoy!
  4. n3v3rland

    Should Michael's Album Tell A Story???

    bahahahahah...I can just imagine if Michael ever dd anything like that... lol... MADtv would have something to spoof again. :D
  5. n3v3rland

    Should Michael's Album Tell A Story???

    I don't know...I really think he's trying to forget what happened in 2005, and go on with his life. I know that he had to put down a lot of dreams, like directing movies, acting, producing, lots of things. It probably makes him sad thinking about what he couldn't do and can't do now because of...
  6. n3v3rland

    Why Are You Still A Michael Fan In 2008?

    I don't know about those other sites, but this one deffo is definitely an "army of love" :D
  7. n3v3rland

    One Word Names for Michael's Next Album

    Ooooh!!! I like that one!!! :D
  8. n3v3rland

    What happen to the new MJ fashion line?

    ^^ lol. And plus, it's only going to be available in LA somewhere, is what I's not a nationwide new fashion line. :(
  9. n3v3rland

    How Do YOU Measure MJ's Success?

    I think it really depends on the person. Maybe the public will say his success is measured in the millions he makes, but I say it's the quality. Some songs even recently are, how do I put it lightly...crappy? And they're still number one? Sheesh... I guess that I made my choice because I know...
  10. n3v3rland

    VH1e Top 10 Kings of Disco - Michael at #9

    eh, it's okay. I don't really consider Mike as the number one king of disco...and I don't know if I really want to, too. :D
  11. n3v3rland

    Is it important for MJ to have another hit?

    I wish that he would be number one on iTunes. I don't know if in other countries his songs are #1, but in the US, there's so much more competition, and just seeing maybe his remixes for Thriller as number one is really something here. I don't know if it's important for him or something, but I...
  12. n3v3rland

    How true is this? (regarding MJ's pics being digitally altered)

    haha, nice! :D And I agree, we all know what he looks like, but really, airbrushed isn't bad either. :D
  13. n3v3rland

    Michael Jackson Sued over Dangerous???

    :toofunny: That's so true. Remember in the early 90s, when he was in court for song copyrights? He had a sore throat b/c he did a concert the night before, you know, that case? He seemed really annoyed just showing up.
  14. n3v3rland

    Christian Audigier says he and MJ will launch new MJ clothing line

    Re: Michael Jackson To Launch Clothing Line I am SO saving up for this!!! You know, Christian Audigier's stuff is pretty a hundred dollars for a t-shirt....who knows? Maybe Michael's clothing line will be top of the line fashion stuff! :D But I just hope it's gonna be as...
  15. n3v3rland

    New MJ sighting @ UFC in Las Vegas (pics added in post #1)

    OMG! Another siting? I am so excited!
  16. n3v3rland

    This or That

    salad .... Ghosts or Thriller?
  17. n3v3rland

    What are you doing this very second?

    Stretching.....and bopping my head to Xscape :D
  18. n3v3rland

    Would you rather game....

    hahah eyebrows... lol would you rather be on the beach in Hawaii or skiing in the Alps?