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  1. Hot topic Thriller 40th Anniversary

    Exactly. I honestly thought that was what we were going to get. It would've made more sense but what can you say..
  2. Articles/Videos discussing MJ’s art (post them here)

    I like the photo itself but I agree that it's probably the weakest of all the album covers. The original concept with the lace definitely would've been more intriguing. And I feel like that idea eventually evolved into the Dangerous album cover (the idea of his face/eyes hiding behind a "mask")...
  3. Articles/Videos discussing MJ’s art (post them here)

    I'm glad you found it informative :)! Yea, I agree with your friend. There's a contrast between the more traditional font design and the modern pixelated one. To me it represented Michael taking the heart and warmth of the music we were used to and bringing into the future with more modern...
  4. Articles/Videos discussing MJ’s art (post them here)

    Perhaps you can check out my article on the Dangerous album cover. My goal was to make it approachable and easy to read through. Let me know what you think :)! Link: You can also check out the other album covers if it piques your interest. Off the Wall...
  5. Question for those who seem to have inside info on certain MJ tracks (regarding 2000watts)

    To be fair mj_frenzy, Electro took all of the information that you presented and located the original source so that we can come to a sound conclusion about its validity. Perhaps there is truth to what you're both saying, in slightly different ways. Now now Electro, I think you did a great job...
  6. Question for those who seem to have inside info on certain MJ tracks (regarding 2000watts)

    That's a very interesting question. I always wondered what the wisdom was behind a song like that. You could tell that Michael wanted to do something completely different and try out a new idea but it came across as a very unusual recording (in my opinion). Do you remember if Joe Vogel had...
  7. HIStory statue

    You don't like Earth Song? That's like one of Michael's best songs, and one he had been working on for years since the Dangerous years. Also, I don't think it's fair to say that Michael wasn't being creative on that album because he had to include radio hits. Out of all of his albums, that album...
  8. National Anthem

    Re: Jehovah's Witnesses Do you know why they are not supposed to participate in voting?
  9. Esquire: Macaulay Culkin Sets the Records Straight on Michael Jackson

    Remember guys, 'Lies run sprints, but the truth runs marathons.' Justice will always prevail. It's only a matter of time.
  10. Esquire: Macaulay Culkin Sets the Records Straight on Michael Jackson “Look,” Culkin said. “I’m gonna begin with the line—it’s not a line, it’s the truth: He never did anything to me. I never saw him do...
  11. Google tries to write MJ out of Black History

    It's trending at the top of the list! Way to go guys! #MichaelJacksonBlackHistory
  12. Michael Jackson's "Beat It" Filming Locations - Then and Now

    Oh my gosh, I remember the MJNI days too! Wow, it feels like forever since I've heard that name. I remember getting the MJNI Hot Shots on my flip phone and reading the latest news :D!
  13. Was Michael Jackson Autistic?

    Exactly. Well said.
  14. Was Michael Jackson Autistic?

    Well, I wouldn't say none..but I completely agree with what you said, that we can't really give arm chair diagnoses just based on observations from a distance. With that said, I tend to agree with mj_frenzy on this one. From my experience with patients, it doesn't seem to me that Michael...
  15. [REQ] History album cover variations

    You can learn more about the cover in my article here :):
  16. Art of Design - Analyzing MJ's Album Covers

    What do you think of Michael's original idea for the album cover? Do you prefer the final cover or his initial idea..
  17. They Don't Care About Us

    :laughing: There's a demo as far back as '89/90?! Wow..I wonder if anyone's had the chance to listen to it as well..
  18. They Don't Care About Us

    I was vaguely aware of this but now I'm curious to know what the original intro was. Does anyone have a link to the original classical music piece? P.S. Wow, ok so I just went back and listened to the song on my album and realized that it wasn't "The Great Gates of Kieve" :omg: ..mindblown...
  19. Michael Jackson (1991-2002)

    It's interesting to think that 1993 was both Michael's biggest year and his most disastrous. Or maybe those two things aren't unrelated. I was too young to remember but for folks who were older, would you agree that 1993 was Michael Jackson at the pinnacle of his career? Or had his glory days...
  20. New edition of Joe Vogel’s book “Man In The Music” up for pre-order.

    Just came across a pleasant surprise :)! My article on 'Dangerous' was cited by Joseph Vogel in the new edition. So excited :D!! Check it out! After glancing through the preview for the book, which comes out today, it looks like it's been significantly revised. Almost every chapter and song...