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  1. MJ Flashmob marriage proposal in NY park

    I really didnt think i would cry, but... That was so sweet! :)
  2. Jermaine reveals escape plan

    Another instance of "Open Mouth Insert Foot!" by Jermaine Jackson. The excerpt from the book was beautifully written, and it seems like he was thinking this out of love for his brother. But when I read this first thing this morning, I had to ask out loud "Why is he saying/writing these things?"...
  3. Most played song on the new album

    Best of Joy, Behind the mask and hold my hand.
  4. Aaron Carter Claims MJ Gave Him Drugs *Update Post 41* Merged

    I totally agree! But sadly, most of the world does not want to hear the truth. Most would rather believe what they hear, rather than verifying what has been said. This is wrong, and its really sad that such a great legacy is being tainted further.
  5. Best Thriller jacket?

    My personal favorite is number , which is actually white (It appears yellow because of the lighting) :) I love it!
  6. Happy Holidays Tom! :D

    Happy Holidays Tom! :D
  7. Another nice story from the Oprah boards about Michael :)

    Ive heard this story before, and everytime i hear it it warms my heart.
  8. This time --------------------> Dangerous or Invincible?

    Aww man! It is so awful to pit these two against each other, lol. As much as I love Invincible, out of the 2 I have to pick, Dangerous. Its sooo hard to pick one album or song over another!
  9. When you hear an MJ song in public

    I was in my chiroptactors office last week and they had the radio on in the office. As im making my next appointment, "YANA" begins to play. I did what I usually do... Smile a mile wide!!!!!!!!:D
  10. EEK!!! super EXCITED!!!

    GOOD LUCK GINNY!!!!!:) You can do it:)
  11. does anyone else feel just blank?

    I know how you all feel... the numbness. I have vowed not to watch any television today. I still stings.
  12. Smile though your heart is aching.......

    Something that never ceases to make me smile! The way he screams "AHH!!!!! NO!!!!!! IMMA KILL YOU MAC!!!!!! *Michael while being pushed into a pool* "IM A NICE PERSON!, I JUST TOOK A SHOWER!! And I WASHED MY HAIR THOROUGHLY!!!:)"
  13. The june 25th thread

    Im ok for now. I just know that I am avoiding all forms of media tomorrow. No TV, No Internet news sites. I cant take the trash talk and sensationalism anymore.
  14. Put your name on our MJJC banner for the 25th...........

    Thank you for this:) De'Ja A.W.-U.S.A
  15. MJJC Member birthdays

    Thank you:)
  16. michael Jackson sends a message from Heaven - "Michael" by "Andy Ruck"

    Andy Ruck is a Northern Ireland based singer, song writer and DJ.
  17. update My Doctor put me back on my pill

    Re: update My Doctor but me back on my pill Im happy to know that you will be feeling better soon:)
  18. michael jackson 1991era vs 2001era look?

    I agree with both of you. I loved his look during the dangerous/BOTDF/HIStory "eras". Post this time, 2001 and on there were differences that i DID NOT like. His make up did always seem heavier. Especially the lip color, I love seeing his lips with no color. Yes they are pale... We know the man...
  19. I just love the way he sings certain parts of songs

    Each of you has covered one of my favorite parts in MJ songs:) His voice is so beautiful! I love the feeling that comes over me when listening to his music.:wub: