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  1. Kygo’s Remix of Say Say Say is out this Friday!

    Idk why use that song. The song is kinda boring imo. It's like a whole 3min loop. & I hate the snare used in the remix. It's so cringy
  2. Detailed list of unreleased songs that could be released

    I don't understand how the pepsi version isn't mixed by Quincy or why the quality of it is so bad. Now I gotta go listen to it. I love that song
  3. Michael's amazing accent or just low vocal quality?

    That song is very beautiful. But he is definitely straining very hard on the bridge. I honestly think he was going for a remember the time type of vocal but being older & not sure what the problem was. I noticed that particular part as a kid. I really wish he'd put more love into the...
  4. Michael's amazing accent or just low vocal quality?

    You mean "don't you sit & watch just debate it" or "don't you say that I roCKED a baby" "Don't you sit uh uh uh dababy" Till this day... that line gets to me. I would've definitely asked him that in an interview 🤣
  5. Hot topic Thriller 40th Anniversary

    "Why... why... do they do me that way" (Tears😥😥) they don't care about us
  6. A.I Michael - opinions

    I don't beg nobody for sh!t! & apparently you didn't read what I said because I CLEARLY included myself. Reading can be very fundamental! You missed the entire point. Smh TOXIC COMMUNITY!
  7. Hot topic Thriller 40th Anniversary

    Man....they really lied to us about that documentary lol...thats crazy!
  8. A.I Michael - opinions't they doing that right now!??? & yeah they aren't claiming them to be new but after all of this a.i crap...I dont think I'll ever trust a new mj album release. Nothing about the new/unreleased stuff even excites me anymore because of all this manipulation. The entire mj community...
  9. A.I Michael - opinions

    I only asked twice....where are you getting those bs facts from?? & Stop dck riding him
  10. A.I Michael - opinions

    Well Mr.Kai...Im sorry if I offended you🧎🏿‍♂
  11. A.I Michael - opinions

    a attitude??? Lol u think i have an attitude through text? Not worth my energy & if i knew how to do it i would. Idk how much work is put into it but to each is own. It's not that serious
  12. A.I Michael - opinions

    Could I get over that song? No I can't get over that song! & I mentioned it because it's most requested on every comment on an a.i video. & it's no where near the same song!!! What have you been listening to? What's the same is that in the back version you just made. The lyrics still aren't...
  13. A.I Michael - opinions

    I can't believe nobody has mentioned "why"
  14. A.I Michael - opinions

    I guess joy will be coming soon. I wish I could figure out how to do this!
  15. A James Brown Mj mashup Performance

    Hmmmmmm.....thank you & thank you for the idea!!! I will be sure to credit u for that!!
  16. Hot topic Thriller 40th Anniversary

    Thriller 3D was basically the same thing
  17. A James Brown Mj mashup Performance

    I know Michael & James never did a project together or a song....till this baffles me why they never did a video or anything outside of showing up to shows...I dont think I've ever read or seen James at mj concert though but I thought it'd be fun to perform a Mashup in front of an...
  18. This is a long shot but did MJ perform JB's "I got the feelin" ever in concert?

    It's apparent Michael never did anything outside what was planned/rehearsed. I've never seen him really dance to anyone else's music. Not in full mode...except a few janet
  19. A.I Michael - opinions

    Just put them out already!