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  1. A to Z - TV Series Thread

    Supernatural, Battlestar Galactica.
  2. Janet The Cover Of Magazine Prevention July 2012

    Janet Pretty Girl........ :)
  3. 643 MTV Video Music Awards in Japan Pictures!

    thank,i like it this page(pictures)
  4. We want wonderful extras in Bad25 DVD campaign

    I'm SOOOOOO excited for this DVD!! September can't come fast enough!
  5. Bad 25TH Anniversary "Wembley Stadium Tribute"

    I'm SOOOOOO excited for this DVD!! September can't come fast enough!
  6. We want the L.A. 1989 concert on BLURAY campaign!!!

    i am signing al be waiting this blu ray......
  7. Michael Jackson Last Day June 25th,2009 Rehearsal Picture?

    ohhh My ALLAH (GOD)..... I now crying... i love you MJ
  8. Picture Thriller Live L.A 1989

    nice picture
  9. Did Jordan Chandler Admit That MJ Did Not Molest Him?

    Re: Did Jordan Chandler admit that MJ did not mlest him Rest in Peace Michael Jackson..! We will always love you...!
  10. BAD 25 - 2012 - General Discussion [Closed] please cont. discussion in BAD25 Announcement thread

    Re: Future MJ Projects from Estate - Bad World Tour DVD 1. This Is It soundtrack 2. Vision 3. The Experience 4. Michael 5. Cirque Du Soleil soundtrack 6. Off the Wall re-release 7. Bad re-release 8. Bad Tour DVD 9. ???.........Victory tour 10. ??? .......Triumpf tour
  11. Grammys 93 - Michael's peak?

    The Grammys 93 is definitely my top favorite MJ moment ever.
  12. Happy 80th birthday Elizabeth Taylor!

    She was a beautiful woman.Miss her RIP ELY
  13. What are you drinking?

    Pepsi Twist
  14. What was the last film/dvd you watched?

  15. New Song By Jermaine Called First Time You Love

    I'd buy it is nice song
  16. EXCLUSIVE!Who is it Live Performance, continued with NEVER-Before-Seen Billie Jean DUEL

    I saw performances on youtube, and i liked how you danced congratulations man.Because you remembered the name MICHAEL JACKSON in your country.Continued success and congratulations........