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  1. The Brad Sunberg Seminar Leak/Theft of 2023

    Came here to see what everyone is talking regarding the stolen laptop. Will there be future leaks? Sorry if this has been already discussed.
  2. Michael Jackson Estate, Sony Music Extend Partnership for Recordings

    Maybe that is why they released that crappy Scream album so they can start the new contract with better releases. Great news though to know MJs music and hopefully concerts can be released with this extended contract with Sony Music.
  3. High-Res Movie Posters

    Hey everybody. I am looking for movie posters that I can print in 18 x 24. Does anyone know of any websites where I can download high resolution pics of general movie posters? Specifically, I am looking for posters from the following films: Once Upon A Time in America, Reservoir Dogs...
  4. REQ - Moonwalker Movie Poster in HQ

    Michaels Lover, the warnerbros website you linked, is that where I can find other movie posters in High Quality such as the moonwalker one? Perhaps, you know other sites for movie posters in HQ?
  5. REQ - Moonwalker Movie Poster in HQ

    haha wow, thats an amazing early memory of finding out who MJ ****in was. Thanks for sharing. Thank You soo much bro! Gonna print a 18 x 24 poster of this and frame it on my wall! lol
  6. What If Michael Never Moonwalked Again After Motown 25...

    lol... Umm, nah i just cant think of an alternative Michael Jackson without moonwalks. just can't lol sorry
  7. REQ - Moonwalker Movie Poster in HQ

    Hi everyone. I am lookin for the highest quality resolution picture of the Moonwalker movie poster available. Looking to print it as a poster. Can someone post any?
  8. Michael Jackson Scream - The Album

    Re: #MJScream - Coming 29th September. This is interesting. Not sure what to expect. I hope its not a rushed half assed project ready to release.
  9. Michael Jackson’s Thriller 3D

    Re: John Landis - Top Secret Thriller Project!!!! Coming 2017 cool. cant wait. i dont even own a 3DTV lol so i dont know if i can actually own a 3D thriller video unless they release it in blu ray or 4k also.
  10. Michael Jackson’s Thriller 3D

    Re: John Landis - Top Secret Thriller Project!!!! Coming 2017 any recent news about this release?
  11. Bill O’Reilly Is Forced Out at Fox News

    About ****ing time.....FOX 5 was only worried about the shitload of revenue they would have lost had they kept him and the legal actions proceeding. All they worry about is their money and propoganda.
  12. Michael Jackson’s Thriller 3D

    Re: John Landis - Top Secret Thriller Project!!!! Coming 2017 haha agreed
  13. Atheist thread

    Re: Athesit Thread (For non-believers only) Respect, You said you're from Hungary correct? I have a question, might be random but I believe I read that Hungary and Czech Republic have the lowest religious population. Is that correct? And is the porn industry over there increasing? Is that...
  14. Discover Islam (all welcome!)

    "If these religions all come from the same God then God must be schizophrenic :P" According to Islam, God didn't send or authorize Christianity nor Judaism. He sent Moses and Jesus the revelation on the submission to God alone. That's Islam. :)
  15. Discover Islam (all welcome!)

    The Qur'an doesn't acknowledge the existence of other Gods. There is only 1 God, again. However, can you turn an object into God and worship it? Yeah. That would mean you are associating God with a partner. Thats forbidden. We worship the creator, not his creation.
  16. Discover Islam (all welcome!)

    Yeah, I only want to keep this thread for those who want to know about Islam. I understand you want to separate the OT with the actual belief, but that's going to turn into a debate on the contradictions of the OT and NT, and much as I enjoy that, I rather not do it on here. lol In Islam, we...
  17. Discover Islam (all welcome!)

    "You say Islam is strictly monotheistic. Does that mean that the Quran explicitly states that there are no other gods?" What do you mean by no other gods?
  18. Discover Islam (all welcome!)

    I think you misunderstood. There is only 1 true God. So that 1 God sent Prophet Moses to the Jews. Christians then argue that 1 God sent Prophet Jesus to follow. And Muslims say that 1 God sent prophet Muhammad as the final messenger. So the Jews will argue weather that 1 true God really...
  19. Discover Islam (all welcome!)

    I think Barbee mean't in terms of the name. Also, Arab Christians call Jesus or the father, Allah as well. So Arab Christians do not think their use of the word Allah is idolatry when referring to Jesus. The nature of God in Judaism and Islam is the same. We don't believe in the begotten not...