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  1. Tom and aphro in youtube~~MJ related

    I saw that and I thought it was wonderfull!:)
  2. New pictures.MJ out shopping

    I believe those people were fans because they had their "Michael Jackson" photos and magazines out and ready to be autographed before MJ even came out of the store. And they really did try to help him find his car and to protect him from the paps. I loved the words exchanged between the fans and...
  3. New pictures.MJ out shopping

    There's some really good video of it on TMZ. And it's actually pretty positive!;) fans actually act as bodyguards for Michael and try to shield him from the cameras as they help him find his car. And Michael even says "wait Grace" so he can sign more autograghs. Michael was even laughing and...
  4. New pictures.MJ out shopping

    I love to see him out and about shopping and things but I hope that he does'nt get hurt when he goes out with out bodyguards:mello:
  5. November 15, 2007: Michael Jackson News & Mentionings

    I would love to see Michael and his brothers tour again!:)
  6. New pictures.MJ out shopping

    Wow where was his security?:o
  7. Michael Jackson attends Rev. Jesse Jacksons Birthday Party

    There's gonna be more video of the event coming I read on
  8. Michael To Be On The Cover Of Ebony! AH VIDEO INSIDE!

    Re: Michael To Be On The Cover Of Ebony! AH VIDEO INSIDE! Michael looks so good and I am so glad to see the media finally giving the respect to Michael that he deserves because so far I have only heard good positive things!B)