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  1. Stevie Wonder~merged~

    Re: Stevie Wonder!!! I want go and see him in the 02 arena but I havent got tickets
  2. Will We Get It In September?

    No. Nothing this year!
  3. Christian Audigier says he and MJ will launch new MJ clothing line

    Re: Michael Jackson To Launch Clothing Line I hope he releases his own line of shin pads. I'm desperate for some gold ones.
  4. RUMOR: MJ to duet with Ciara

    NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STOP ! DO NOT DISS JANET YOU EVIL BACTERIA! They will not be a perfect duet, so stop it now stop it stop it stop it
  5. RUMOR: MJ to duet with Ciara

    Ciara is ok I saw this on youtube I lovez aaliyah:wub: i wish aaliyah did a duet with Michael Jackson, Ciara already did a duet with Janet, Aaliyah was meant to do a duet with Janet:no: I don't think a duet with Ciara would be to MY TASTE. My taste...
  6. Does Michael have a GAY fan following?

    NO! Michaels fan base is only for people 4'11 and under, female with a little bit of male to the left of the face, bisexual or open to fun with all genders, and preferably with a mole at the end of ones nose. If you don't fit the criteria...! Be Gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :tease: If you fit...
  7. Big Brother 9 Launch June 5th

    I thought of Sylvester Stallone.
  8. WOW!! Anyone ever seen this?

    He looks like one of those white guys from a band like fall out boy or something in that graphic. It's well made though. I love the real photos of Michael you guys posted too.
  9. Chris Crocker

    Chris actually addresses some serious issues and has a valid opinion. He makes jokes but hes not stupid.
  10. Janet Jackson

    Shes not in Virgin anymore, shes moved to Island Def Jam.
  11. RUMOR: MJ to duet with Ciara

    It's not my cup of tea.
  12. Listen to Janet call up her fans! :rofl:
  13. Janets new tour is The "Rock With U" Tour

    She uploaded a video on JD's account, telling fans to call and tell her what songs to perform, and the anwser machine said 'Rock With U' Tour, so thats the official title it seems. But since then they have taken the video off, and it should be confirmed on Ellen tomorrow.
  14. Photo Captions

    lmfaoooooooooooo thats so funny, it looks like hes saying that
  15. MJ looks so F'in GREAT, and i mean NOW (appreciation thread)

    OMG I have bigger feet than Michael if thats the case, lmfao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He looks great these days, beautiful smile. I love the one of him smiling with that girl at the WMA's. His hair is huge, its like a giant tidal wave!
  16. Is this where Give in to me comes from?

    Thanks :) But if a moderator is reading, you can delete this thread!
  17. Is this where Give in to me comes from?

    Well thanks for your honesty but I'm not. I wanted to know if any of you had heard anything about it, because this was the first I heard of it. I posted hoping someone would clarify or give me information about it. Why would I want to dig or stir things up about Michael? Hes my favourite artist...
  18. Smooth Criminal better than Thriller

    Smooth Criminal is hot! Everything about it, from the outfits, the setting, the dancing, Michaels aggression and smoothness. Its perfection. The sped up video gets on my nerves, but I guess it would be too long otherwise.