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  1. Jackson //\\//ation

    What's with Keni? Why is he leaving Kristen? I understand he wants her to be with kids her own age but why now? Kristen knows it's something else, why isn't he telling her what's wrong? Great update!
  2. Michael's Manhood Thread - 18+ (Read The First Post For Rules!) I'm not sure if these were posted before! Here are some of my favorites... I hope it is posted correctly!
  3. TTTO 2: The light of the world

    If only......these are so sweet
  4. Jackson //\\//ation

    Aw very sweet chapters! What's with Latoya? Why does she dislike Kristen so much? Janet is so cute! Michael and Kristen seem to remember each other quite well(hence the long hug). Looking forward to reading more!
  5. TTTO 1 : Saved

    Daryll748 If only it were true! What a great story!
  6. An Africana Epiphany

    Beautiful Dewey!
  7. Yes I can, I was just scrolling through! Thanks for the welcome!

    Yes I can, I was just scrolling through! Thanks for the welcome!
  8. Why Aree These Videos Missing from MJ's VEVO?

    I hope you are able to view the videos, I know I often get the same thing with some of the unreleased videos that pop up that is not available in your country! :boohoo I do see Who is it and Black or White on You tube.... Just noticed the official Dirty Diana on Vevo I can post a link for you...
  9. NEW Black or White Behind The Scenes

    I love seeing Michael in this! Laughing, teasing. Just enjoying himself! Keeps me giggling and smiling! Sure wish I could've been part of his team! What a dream job that would've been!
  10. You Are Not Alone

    Just watching some snippets from This Is It.....Made me Miss Michael so much more!
  11. Upcoming Book On MJ's Artistry....(August 28th)

    This seems like an interesting read! Something I just might buy and add to my summer reading!
  12. The Truth About MJ as a Humanitarian!!

    Re: Every fan needs to know this TRUTH about Michael!!! Michael was a genius, a humanitarian, an artist, an entertainer. The list gives on and on! The Media would never print all of the wonderful things he did! They would rather print the lies..
  13. Hot topic Brad Sundberg Seminars: Making Music With Michael Jackson

    Re: Brad Sundberg seminars: Making Music With Michael Jackson I was able to attend ITSWMJ last February in NY. I loved it! I must say Brad and his daughter are wonderful and heartwarming! But I really must say that Michael fans are the best in the world! I'm hoping he will return to NY again...
  14. Even Google knows this truth about MJ

    I have to totally agree with you all! Michael had the best smile in the world!
  15. The Dangerous Tour Rehearsals 1992 is the best Dangerous concert EVER!

    I absolutely Lovvvvvvveeeee watching these rare snippets of Michael in rehearsals. Just listening to his voice and when he talks about what needs to be done keeps a permanent smile on my face!(y):jump::stretcher
  16. Happy birthday blanket

    Happy Birthday Blanket!
  17. Personal MJ Collection and Official Memorabilia Discussion

    Re: Your MJ Collection and Official Memorabilia discussion thread Wow! You guys have such extensive collections! I have quite a few items myself! My latest is the ET storybook vinyl! I will post a picture as soon as I can get everything together!
  18. MJ's handwritten note to Lisa Marie Presley

    I totally agree.....whenever Michael is talked about it is bizarre!!!! Why can't the media just give it a rest..It was nice to see that was happy with Lisa at the time of the letter....and So what .....he had a strange do many other people...I actually thought it was cute....but...
  19. Has anyone else noticed that everything Michael Jackson did was bizarre according to the media?

    Anyone who juices knows that beetroot juice has great health benefits.....The media scrutinized everything Michael said and did.... I bet they thought it was bizarre that he was able to walk on his own two feet....