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  1. ukutan

    What was the last film/dvd you watched?

    Life is beautiful----La vita e bella
  2. ukutan

    What did you last eat?

    Sushi Japanese.
  3. ukutan

    What are you doing this very second?

    packing suitcase
  4. ukutan

    Michael Jackson's Posthumous Tribute to Whitney - The estate

    Simple,but most beautifull tribute ever
  5. ukutan

    Whitney Houston Has Passed Away

    R.I.P We will always love you.....
  6. ukutan

    What's The Time?

    Re: What's The Time? 12:42pm
  7. ukutan

    What were you doing an hour ago

    came back to my home after long winter vacation
  8. ukutan

    What are you drinking?

    camomile tea?
  9. ukutan

    What is your weather like?

    Clear sky with stars and a crescent--new moon,and sooooo cold
  10. ukutan

    What was the last MJ song u listened to?

    2 bad!!!
  11. ukutan

    What Are You Listening To?

    Re: What are you listening to.. Time to say goodbye---sara brightman&andrea bocelli
  12. ukutan

    Your Favourite Perfume?

    D&G:light blue
  13. ukutan

    The verdict thread .. GUILTY.. Murray remanded without bail

    I am in tears.LOVE mjjc family.
  14. ukutan

    Name That Michael Jackson Song A-Z

  15. ukutan

    A-Z of Locations

  16. ukutan

    What is your weather like?

  17. ukutan

    A-Z of Locations

  18. ukutan

    What was the last MJ song u listened to?

    you are my life