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  1. HOTEL

    Unpopular opinions about MJ’s music?

    JAM is a terrible song and I knew as soon as I heard it the NBA would use it for events and that was really what is was made for. Little Susie is disturbing and shouldn't have been included on any album ever. Macaulay Culkin and Corey Feldman were probably huge brats when they were kids and it's...
  2. HOTEL

    No Victory songs on the Victory tour?

    One More Chance and Wait would have been great with me in my 18th row seat at Rich Stadium in Orchard Park, NY, thank you very much.
  3. HOTEL

    Michael Jackson Scream - The Album

    Money grab...that's all it is...LOL
  4. HOTEL

    Inside Michael Jackson's Mansion: Thomas Dolby Recalls Surreal Visit

    I remember driving by the Havenhurst compound and stopping at night in the rain, winter 1984.
  5. HOTEL

    Barry Gibb talks about Michael

    Barry Gibb is music's greatest songwriter ever.
  6. HOTEL

    New release: Motown 25 Yesterday, Forever with Reharsal-Footage from Michael

    I always liked the band leader clapping to the beat during MJ's performance of Bille Jean.
  7. HOTEL

    Michael getting his own statue in Vegas

    Meh...never cared for the statue...very narcissistic and I think the whole promotion including the drag down the Thames failed to be quite honest.
  8. HOTEL

    Where did MJ's van break down in the early nineties and what auto shop did he go to?

    Anyone know the exact location of where the van broke down and the auto shop he went to kickstarting the whole Chandler dilemma?
  9. HOTEL

    Jermaine Jackson's Wife Halima Rashid Arrested on DV Charge

    I like those jeans his wife wore with Jermaine's autograph embroidered on her crotch. Now THAT is true love.
  10. HOTEL

    Tom Sneddon dies of cancer

    Death is a bully. A bully who takes what he wants and gives naught...or some shit like that...
  11. HOTEL

    R&B Hall Of Fame Induction 2014

    Oh here you go again with your ridiculous diatribe...most of us love R&B and we are well of MJ's roots so please, professor, take a seat and give it a rest.
  12. HOTEL

    Moonwalker Marlon Jackson ready to show his moves

    And exactly what have you achieved in your life, Harry Osborn? LOL Man, you guys are fierce. Lots of hate here...
  13. HOTEL

    Randy Jackson's One More Chance

    I never said it was a solo release. I'm surprised you guys had never heard this song before...LOL Ever hear of Victory? Jackie's got a great song on there too if you're willing to put your hate aside for anything Jackson related sans Michael.
  14. HOTEL

    Randy Jackson's One More Chance

  15. HOTEL

    Randy Jackson's One More Chance

    Great song! I've loved it since 1984 and wonder why it never got any air play and why you guys never talk about it.
  16. HOTEL

    Unreleased Victory Tour footage leaks online!

    Why do you think his brothers were subpar? What's all the hatred for the brothers? LOL They're a strange, dysfunctional family and Michael was part of it. Still don't understand the need to attack the Bros. especially when it comes to obtaining/watching classic Jackson performances.
  17. HOTEL

    Things you wish MJ did in his career!

    Perform the Triumph album Live with his brothers.
  18. HOTEL

    Question about BAD Japan Yokohama footage

    Is the "Live in Japan" dvd (yellow border with purple text) the best quality footage available? I was told by someone in the past that it is but after watching it some of the stuff on you tube looks even better. Can anyone point me in the direction of acquiring the best quality available for my...