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  1. Korlay

    Which duo made the best songs?

    Michael & Biggie. I remember getting Invincible when it released, and hearing Biggie on Unbreakable not knowing that he was even on the song had me in awe. This Time Around was genius as well. I'd go with Michael & Stevie next.
  2. Korlay

    Thriller 40th Anniversary

    I have to agree. The mastering is perfect and replay value is still there with the MICHAEL album, even if you take off the 3 fake songs it still holds up pretty well. Xscape feels rushed when you compare it to MICHAEL. I’d still love to hear those 7 songs LA Reid rejected for Xscape though...
  3. Korlay

    Drake featuring Michael Jackson (TONIGHT)

    My thoughts exactly, but on another note, if Drake drops this as a lead single which would be smart, I’d expect the same success as ‘Love Never Felt So Good probably better actually considering Drake’s successes with numerous genres. The album came out today and the word is out like a Kanye...
  4. Korlay

    An Issue I Have With Michael and Xscape

    I agree, but I must say it sucks how bad the remastering of the first disc & mastering of the 2nd disc (with originals, demos & remixes) turned out as all tracks sound distorted and loud. The only name I trust on MJs albums (past or posthumous) when it comes to remastering & mastering is Bernie...
  5. Korlay

    When will there be a new album????

    Wish I could say the same, but since I've heard Timbaland's version of "Slave to the Rhythm" I can't get that bassline out of my head. Everything about it is just great. Tricky Stewart's mix of STTR.. I can't listen to it at all, sounds too "techno-ish" now. Max Methods mix would've been great...
  6. Korlay

    When will there be a new album????

    I wouldn't mind it if the duets were with good artists such as: JT, Bruno Mars, Beyoncé & Usher.. Just keep Justin Bieber & Lady Gaga far away from any MJ material!
  7. Korlay

    The Man > Say Say Say > The Girl Is Mine

    The Girl Is Mine > Say Say Say.. I love both equally, but The Girl Is Mine is classic Thriller era.. Can't quite get into The Man!
  8. Korlay

    Why do so many people dismiss his work from the 90's?

    I'd have to disagree. It's your opinion and I respect that, but I wouldn't say the Dangerous album is better than Thriller. Dangerous is a classic album no doubt about that, but the "New Jack Swing" sound from Teddy Riley is quite heavy in most of the CATCHY songs he produced. You still have a...
  9. Korlay

    Iconic artist PRINCE passes away at age 57

    Re: The Singer PRINCE died???? This is truly shocking news to me and the world!!.... I grew up with Prince music throughout my household back in the 90's and up, so I have nothing but respect for Prince. I've had so many good times & memories to his music; didn't see this loss coming at all...
  10. Korlay

    Jackson 5: The Complete Album Collection - November 25, 2013

    Might be a little late, but I was wondering if anyone who purchased this boxset could grade the remastering. A review on Amazon said the remastering is bad, but I'd like the opinion of an MJ fan. You guys can spot any audio distortion or bad remastering when it comes to MJ, so I'd like to know...
  11. Korlay

    Even Google knows this truth about MJ

    MJ breaks the internet in EVERY category!.... Music, fashion.. Natural expressions.
  12. Korlay

    Songs that should have been singles

    This Time Around with Biggie, would've fit perfectly alongside Scream and You Are Not Alone "Somebody's out.. Somebody's out to use me, they really wanna use me and then falsely accuse me" would've loved to hear this on the radio!
  13. Korlay

    Is Billie Jean at Motown 25 overrated?

    Overrated?.. Absolutely not!.. I can watch it the same as any other performance, it was magical to me as a kid & made me an MJ fan as far as I can remember.
  14. Korlay

    Dangerous Artwork (Cover) 6175 x 6294 Pixels (38.87 MPixels) (1.02) < cleanup request

    Thanks for the upload, anyone have 'Off the Wall and other MJ album art in Hi-Res?
  15. Korlay

    Is it scary vs Stranger In Moscow.

    Love both, but I'd choose 'Is It Scary. The 'Thriller/Bad vocal transition in the verses leading to the 'Dangerous vocal shift on the hook is just incredible!.. Makes your hair stand up!
  16. Korlay

    Let’s Stop Comparing The Weeknd, Chris Brown, + Anyone Else To Michael Jackson

    Nick Cannon is crazy if he truly believes that. I've followed both Chris Brown and The Weeknd's catalogue and I'd say both artists have enjoyable music, but nothing touching or special that of MJ's. The vocal abilities MJ possessed from The Jackson 5 on up, it just amazes me that people come up...
  17. Korlay

    Your favorite MJ remix and demo?

    Favorite Remixes: Slave to the Rhythm (Xscape), Behind the Mask, Chicago and Love Never Felt So Good (w/ Justin Timberlake) Favorite Demos: Loving You, We Are the World (Michael Solo), She's Trouble and 'In the Back'.... No particular order
  18. Korlay

    Songs from the J5 era you wish Michael sung with the full-adult voice

    Along with 'The Love You Save' & 'Give Me Half a Chance' to name a few. Dancing Machine (though 'Jacksons' era) is the one I would've wanted the most hearing him sing it live on the 30th Anniversary!.. as he said it's "one of my favorites" so I know he would've touched it up real nice.
  19. Korlay

    Michael Jackson Songs with the greatest Basslines!

    P.Y.T., Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' and Workin' Day and Night hands down!