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  1. Bad Tour - Michael's Last Performances in Indianapolis

    Found this short but sweet little vid about Michael's concerts in Indianapolis added bonus theres a vid for the jacksons 1979 destiny tour as well.
  2. Off The Wall Doc any good?

    I've been ill recently awaiting to get out again and now OTW is out with the new doc by spike lee. Anyone that has seen is it as good as BAD 25?
  3. The concerts you want to see in full?

    Madison Square Garden
  4. June 25th... 6 years missing Michael

    Every time I see a picture of him and hear one of his songs its still impossible to believe
  5. Michael makes the Top Ten-list of the "Most played artists 2014" in UK

    I listen to Heart and I've Michael on there hearing Billie Jean first thing in the morning always puts you in a good mood
  6. Cracked video allegation about MJ copying moonwalk from Bob Fosse

    That was an interesting and funny watch, at least Michael made it unique to him where as now when Jason Derulo copies Michael he doesn't try to make it his own
  7. Songs That Aren't By Michael But Sound Like A Michael Song

    Daft Punk Loose Yourself To Dance
  8. MJ’s most unusual track

    Little Susie or maybe Morphine
  9. Michael, Whitney and One Day In Your Life

    Wow Id love to see and here this
  10. Miscellaneous MJ Questions - do you know the answers?

    Has the identity of the bandaged guy from Liberian Girl been revealed
  11. Songs that sound better live

    All the songs he performed on the Bad Tour have never sounded better since tho they sounded great in TII Billie Jean Smooth Criminal Another Part Of Me Man In The Mirror I Just Can't Stop Loving You Rock With You J5 Medley Thriller Bad
  12. Idris Elba Lauches New Clothing Line And Reveals That Michael Jackson Is His Style Icon

    Another thing that Idris Elba cool, his greatest moments of hip hop documentary was amazing hope he does one on Michael
  13. Favourite dances & choreographies

    Its between Smooth Criminal, Thriller, Remember The Time
  14. Your favorite Pepsi commercial/song remake

    Billie Jean Street Version easy just makes me wanna dance it doesn't make me want a pepsi tho
  15. Xscape General Discussion

    Amen barbee0715