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  1. That "Controversial" '96 Brit Awards Earth Song Performance...

    I absolutely love this performance! Michael was practically untouchable during the 90's, he was that big! I would have loved it if MJ had engaged in a little ass kicking on stage ?
  2. This Dangerous rehearsals video now slightly spoils the Dangerous tour...

    Re: This now slightly spoils the Dangerous tour... He sounds so good. Even better than the studio version!
  3. [Discussion] Sexual Abuse Claims Against MJ Estate - Robson/ Safechuck/ Doe

    Re: Why is all this bad stuff coming out about MJ again ? What concerns me isn't the artbook stuff - it's the footage. I mean.. What the hell is going on!
  4. Make WHE a #1 hit around the globe!

    Here's a controversial thought : we've had enough fits perfectly in the Palestinian context. I mean, there's police brutality there, there's war, there's bloodshed. What happened to Paris happens to Palestine just about every day. So yes, WHE is perfect. (Idk how I managed to say this in such a...
  5. Is it scary vs Stranger In Moscow.

    Is It Scary... Stranger in Moscow is really really good - however, I'm in love with the edgier Michael :P .
  6. Robin Williams as "Genie" impersonates MJ!

    Um let's clear out a few things here, ok? I'm one of those whose perception of Robin William changed immediately after hearing his MJ jokes. And no I'm not a recluse neither am I friendless. I'm a person who likes to look at the "positive" aspects of people. There are two kinds of jokes...
  7. Michael's Popularity Outside The States Before Bad

    As far as Pakistan goes... Michael had always been the 'in' thing, the definition of 'cool' right from the Thriller era to the end of HIStory era. There was a point - around Bad and Dangerous - when it became a fashion to purchase an MJ album. However, his pre - Bad popularity has only one...
  8. People covering Michael Jackson Songs on talent shows

    Lol I've seen the black or white guy lol - I was thinking you were referring to Adam Lambert's version. Have you seen his cover of Black or White in American Idol s9? It's one of the best covers I've ever seen! His voice is simply amazing!! Kris Allen also did a wonderful cover of Remember the...
  9. People covering Michael Jackson Songs on talent shows

    Could you like mention their names as well? Youtube's banned in my country so I can't play them lol.
  10. So Stranger In Moscow Was A Cooperative Effort...

    I was reading this thread on Ultimate Guitar where two producers from HIStory were talking about their experiences in the studio with MJ. One of them said at one point that in quite a few songs MJ beat boxed the entire beat. He specifically mentioned Stranger In Moscow having that beat box...
  11. Dangerous 25: what would you like to see happen? [UNCONFIRMED]

    Tbh I'd be a lot happier if they chose to release the Wembley shows. He was so charged up in that! The full concert would be a bliss to watch! Might be even better than Bucharest.
  12. Raven Woods' HIStory book proposal in the 33 1/3 series

    I love Raven's blog! And I would sooooooo love HIStory getting the spotlight once again. Such a great album!! I hope these books about Michael's later work allow his post 80's albums the proper acclaim they deserve!
  13. MTV Italia Poll: Vote MJ as the greatest Best Male Act Award winner ever

    Btw I'm pleasantly surprised that Michael is #2 :D ... He's so damn popular even now!
  14. MTV Italia Poll: Vote MJ as the greatest Best Male Act Award winner ever

    Eminem IS sort of a legend you know. He was extremely immature in the Encore era with respect to his disses and word play and I couldn't care for his Recovery album but he IS a very talented artist. His The Eminem Show and MMLP are two of the best rap albums ever made. The rapping style, the...
  15. Michael's best produced album?

    Obviously. But compare Dangerous to another NJS album.. say Rhythm Nation(1989). And then compare it to BS' Circus (2009). Dangerous and Circus sound almost identical on the basis of production; smooth, glossy beats, and crystal clear vocals. Even the instruments and the general settings feel...
  16. Michael's best produced album?

    Dangerous, HIStory and Invincible. Bad is the most dated out of all his albums and Thriller has dated musically but stayed fresh vocally. Same with OtW.
  17. Best Live Performance by MJ or any other artist

    Can I take back or edit my vote? I just watched the MTV 10th Anniversary show and well... it's the first time I've watched it in its entirety and... God, it made me cry. I wish I'd become his fan a little earlier. This is precisely one of the reasons I love him so dearly; he was truly a...
  18. The problems with Invincible

    The sales of Invincible can not be equated to its artistic value. Because it was a trend back in the early 2000's for that kinda music, his album should have sold at least 15 to 20 million records. A lot more shallow albums were selling better than Invincible. And in case you've overlooked...
  19. The 'Would You Rather' Game

    Listening.. I've watched him too much lol (I've basically seen all his videos too many times lol). Would you rather go on a date with the Dangerous MJ or the Invincible MJ?