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    The verdict thread .. GUILTY.. Murray remanded without bail

    Re: Jury Deliberations - Discussion thread as we wait Relieved and sad at the same time, since it now makes it all the more clear what we already knew, that none of this would've happend if it wasn't for this doctor...
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    BREAKING NEWS: Murray no longer contests that Jackson orally ingested Propofol

    Probably something like that yeah, allthough that's not gonna fly either...
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    Murray Trial - 12 October - Day 11 - Discussion

    ^ No matter the angle of the story, up untill now it always comes back to the same conclusion: Murray messed up.
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    Debunking Murray's Police Interview

    The man dug is own grave before even opening his mouth...
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    I was LOST and now I'm FOUND

    Welcome back to the place where there's room to keep experiencing the magic :)
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    The cause of that devastating recording?

    So far, imo, the question why these recordings even excist in the first place remains unanswered. Very strange and inapropriate, not to mention (as mentioned earlies) not quite in line with the dr-patient confidentiality. What on earth was going on there....
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    To see MJ in his death bed and to hear him speak ..

    Agreed. But keeping the camera's off or out of the room at that point would've been fine with me also. I've seen my share of awfull documents whilst following multiple of Michael's trials over the years, but a picture of him lying dead in a hospital bed, man... :mello:
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    !!All In Your Name - Studio Footage [2002]!!! * SONG RELEASED * NEW CLIP #3 ADDED pg 31

    Re: !!!!!!All In Your Name - Studio Footage Snippet [2002]!!!!! Glad Barry's intention is to release the whole song, can't wait!
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    European Jackson Event 2010

    Interesting, I'll sure keep the date in mind :)
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    Coroners Report released - GRAPHIC CONTENT (Threads merged)

    And then all they can come up with is involuntary manslaughter? Go figure... :doh:
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    Murray's Arraignment - all threads merged

    Re: Press Conference this afternoon [Charges To Be Filed Monday Feb 8] Im baffled... never in my life did I witness such madness. First we get the 'every man should be treated equally under the law, therefore Michael Jackson was cuffed and thrown in jail instantly", yet the man supposedly...
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    The Investigation Surrounding Conrad Murray Thread (ALL POSTS/ARTICLES on Charges, etc. GO HERE!)

    Re: Dr Conrad Murray set to be charged Yeah me too, I still feel this thing won't go down until hell freezes over... And even if charges will be brought upon him, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if the man would walk out of court a free man.
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    Murray gets his own TV show!!

    Re: My post was locked..because they said it was tabloid, Murray gets TV show!! As far as I'm concernerd, the 'waiting' should last until hell freezes over :doh: Seriously.
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    Barbara Walters to Profile Michaels Kids

    Seriously, back off from the kids. They've got enough going as it is....
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    Help needed urgent!!!

    Welcome back Roaa, good to have you with us. Im truly happy to see you up and fighting again, well done! If you ever feel like talking, feel free to pm me :)
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    I dont know what to do.

    Nice going danniilee, well done! :yes: You know what, I often see how one bit of crap can pile up to an extend that there no longer seems to be a way around it. It then seems all the bull hits you at once. But I am fairly convinced that you never get more then you can handle. It may sound...
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    Omg, I cant believe this. Seventeen is no age to die... :no: May you rest in peace Myriam. My sincerest condolances go out the family.
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    Joe Jackson seeks allowance from son's estate

    Re: Scumbag sues his own sons estate Imagine how many hungry people he could feed with that amount of money. And then he comes up with the 50 dollars for charity... please :doh: Joe, do us all a favor and take a big step back -_-