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    Thank You Case Team Volunteers - Please join me to say thanks

    It's been a long and hard road. Thank you all so much for your time and selfless efforts. :wub:
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    The verdict thread .. GUILTY.. Murray remanded without bail

    Re: Jury Deliberations - Discussion thread as we wait :clapping:I'm late, because you guys are on it, but alright! Now come on with the remand....Right Now.....:woohoo:It looks like he's going that way!!!!
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    Mr. Vann ... Is this Jermaine Jackson's Secret Son ? UPDATE (Andrew Vann SCAM Artist Arrested )

    Oh wow! I'm so glad he was caught! It's a shame that he was able to get it away with it for as long as he did!
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    New Pepsi Television Ad Features Music Superstars Michael Jackson, etc

    Re: Pepsi pays tribute to classic commercials featuring MJ and others Love it!!:wub:
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    Remembering Frank Dileo on 1 year anniversary of death / Frank DiLeo Has Passed Away

    Re: Update *Frank DiLeo Has Passed Away Post 377* I'm sorry to hear this. I've taken my own small break away from the forum. My father passed away right after Mother's Day this year, so I haven't been on the internet as much, but my heart was a bit sad to hear about another young death. May...
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    Dame Elizabeth Taylor passes away at 79 / Elizabeth Taylor Laid to Rest at Forest Lawn

    Re: Liz Taylor Has Died Ms. Taylor led a long and exciting life. Most of us can only be so blessed. RIP Dame Elizabeth Taylor. May God watch over your family, like I know you will, and may everyone who is grieving find relief in their hearts as time allows
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    Flowers for Elizabeth Taylor

    I was hoping the news wasn't true. How sad. I'm glad she's in no pain and may her soul rest in peace
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    Jackie Jackson on Oprah

    I'm mad I missed that episode and can not find it online. :(
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    Janet Jackson Talks Hollywood’s Obsession with Weight: We’re Only Human

    A lot of people have food triggers. I've barely been married 2 years and in the time I've been married, my husband has been deployed multiple times, I was by myself with the children, still working & going to school, and my best friend became coffee & cake!!! It's no wonder I gained 33lbs from...
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    Katherine Jackson's Secret Contract

    Unfortunately, at the end of the day...KJ, needs money...regardless of how much is coming in, if she's spending more than what's coming in, she needs to do what needs to be done to get the money....Personally, I don't believe KJ is being manipulated by anyone. I think they are all trying to get...
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    Janet's new book

    I plan on buying it too when it comes out :D
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    Official: Michael Jackson's name has been uncovered at Gardner School Auditorium

    This is beautiful. I'm really glad that some things, no matter how long it may take, can still happen. :D
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    clips of Janet's private concert in NYC sept 13, 2010

    That song brings tears to my eyes now. I never thought of Michael when Everytime played, until recently.
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    '95 Bella Fargas Thanks Michaelfor Liver Transplant

    I think what hurts me most with everything that has happened with Michael, is that, he did so much good, and yet, this Conrad has yet to reap what he has sewn for his what he did. I really wish things were different and that Michael was still here. :(
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    Ne-Yo updates Michael Jackson's 'The Way You Make Me Feel' video in new 'One in a Million' clip: Wat

    I think the song and video was pretty cool. But I'm a Ne-Yo fan, so I might a bit biased lol
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    Whatever Happens (Video) - mjtunes (Fan Made)

    Re: Whatever Happens (New Video?) - mjtunes It'll be bittersweet...Whatever Happens was the only song I kept playing over & over right after he passed. It's actually kind of difficult for me to listen to it without bring brought back right to that moment when I found out he passed away. But...
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    NYC - Kiss FM 98.7 Presents - "The Michael Jackson 52nd B-Day Cruise Celebration" on 8/28

    Re: NYC - Kiss FM 98.7 Presents - "The Michael Jackson 52nd B-Day Cruise Celebration" on 8/28 This sounds great. I'll do the 7 pm cruise