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  1. Official Charts Thread For ''Michael''

    They chose a boring song to launch
  2. Official Charts Thread For ''Michael''

    No, that was part of a ten minute promo
  3. Official Charts Thread For ''Michael''

    Amazon are selling MJ's album for £3.99 this week (mp3 ver.) :bugeyed
  4. Michael Jackson feat. 50 cent - MONSTER - its the real deal says 50 -READ!

    The 'ha' is being criticised and debated about now? Seriously? lol.
  5. Michael: Album Reviews

    Seems that all the critics love behind the mask. im not so keen on it.
  6. Next single maybe Another Day

    I would love monster to be the next single. Then another day. Then maybe HT.
  7. & Akon Continue To Disagree Over Jackson Album

    Well I think MJ would have wanted us to hear the songs. His previous songs are not going to be diminished by the release of this material, so no harm can be done to his legacy at all.
  8. Hollywood Tonight - Official Discussion Thread

    Where did you get these lyrics from? Have you heard it? <script src=""></script><script src=""></script><script...
  9. Much Too Soon - Discussion

    Re: Much Too Soon - full version leaked can someone PM me too please
  10. Michael Jackson and Classical Music Fun

    Yes, MJ had already written the music and a composer spoke of this. He has all MJ's pieces and he needs to get them made. He says they are very childlike and reminiscent of Tchaikovsky's nutcracker suite etc.
  11. Hollywood Tonight - Official Discussion Thread

    Re: Hollywood Tonight id love it if true cause dykwyca deserves to be heard
  12. MJ & Jay-Z DYKWYCA (12 O Clock) Fan Made Remix

    Re: Michael Jackson & Jay-z do you know where your children are 12 o clock Can someone PM me too please
  13. Let's Make "Hold My Hand" #1!

    Leave a comment here: and here:
  14. Poll: Keep Your Head Up

    I can't believe people dont think keep your head up is MJ. I can understand BN, but this?
  15. If Michael isn't #1 in the UK...

    TEXT 83958 - Capital FM TEXT 82122 - Heart FM When you text Heart FM, text 'Heart' followed by your MJ song request
  16. Keep Your Head Up( from the new album)

    What? Of course it's MJ. Dear Lord!
  17. Michael Jackson feat. 50 cent - MONSTER - its the real deal says 50 -READ!

    I think my PMs were turned off, can someone please send me Monster link? Thanks