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  1. What songs did you wish were contemporized and what songs would you not mind being reworked.

    Understandable, especially since Mind is the Magic is a finished song, regardless that song is great. I do not think Family Thing was produced with Loren though since it was written and recorded in a few years after the Dangerous sessions as far as I know.
  2. What songs did you wish were contemporized and what songs would you not mind being reworked.

    Agreed. She Got It and Serious Effect are the best of the productions MJ did with Loren in my opinion, but I would love to hear how Deep in the Night would have turned out had it been worked on further. I have also always wondered how Don't Be Messin' Around and Cheater would sound if polished...
  3. Why the lip-synching?

    Same. Really his determination just shines when he sings over playback, like in Black or White in Wembley 1992 and They Don't Care About us in Lyon 1997. I just get a sense he is really feeling the music and the stage when he sings live when there is playback and not expected.
  4. Why the lip-synching?

    Of course, but I am just imagining how better it would have been if Michael did so on his tours. In fact, I am imagining how awesome it would have been if Michael even re-recorded for the Dangerous Tour. His vocals in those rehearsal tapes are just exciting!
  5. Why the lip-synching?

    MJ really should have considered just re-recording the vocals to the songs if he really could not sing live since even if he is lipysynching, at least the audience would be able to hear new vocals and not the vocals from the albums they've heard before.
  6. New MJ content (Possibility)

    Re: New MJ content? I see the topic has evolved since the last time I posted in this thread. Shoo away the prominent artists of today (with some lucky exceptions). It would be in my favor to listen to a duet between the King and the man J Star himself:
  7. New MJ content (Possibility)

    Re: New MJ content? Last time I checked, a Michael Jackson hologram wasn't really the subject of mass admiration, and that's not solely based on the appearance. There really are stacks of ideas for ways to celebrate the man, but a hologram should not be amongst the best of them. In fact, as...
  8. New MJ content (Possibility)

    I personally see it as a coincidence, but I also see sense behind your thought process. Well, this year does mark two decades after the release of the Invincible album. Could this film possibly be related to that mark? I mean, all of Michael’s solo albums have been promoted in some way in...
  9. New MJ content (Possibility)

    Is this Twitter account even a reliable source? Their bio is empty, they’re not following any other accounts, and even more bizarre, their pinned tweet is “Michael Jackson.” I understand the potential importance of anonymity here, but I can see why one would find it hard to...
  10. Bad World Tour: US leg vs European leg

    A show from the American portion would be my choice considering all the pointers in this thread, and especially because one in Europe has already been officially released. There is no full show not held in Europe or Asia available to watch. It would not do harm to see the ways those shows...
  11. History 1996 Manila Audio Released on Spotify

    Is this from the concert broadcasted?
  12. Does Price Of Fame stand out to anyone else?

    Well the track definitely stands out in the respect that it sounds more complete lyrically and musically than some of the other demos.
  13. Michael Jackson’s Ghosts coming to YouTube this Halloween!

    Dismissing the concern about the video quality, this is actually great! An official upload of this short film would definitely bring more attention to it. :)
  14. Info on MJ/Janet Duet Recorded in 2004? Confirmed by Rodney Jerkins.

    Hi SeriousEffect(.), I'll guess this duet's title to be Screech, the sequel to Scream. :D
  15. Michael Jackson Amsterdam June 10th (pro footage)

    I found the amateur video of the Gelsenkirchen concert. Here it is starting with the last performance of The Way You Make Me Feel.
  16. HWT South America

    I don't know. Michael did perform on basically all of the continents for this tour (Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe, and North America - remember there were two shows in Hawaii) besides Antarctica and South America. Maybe there was not enough room for a South American leg? Although, I remember...
  17. Michael Jackson Amsterdam June 10th (pro footage)

    I haven't watched the entirety of the amateur video of this show, but I should sometime if it sounds this amazing. As far as I'm concerned, I have never seen any professional footage of this show. I doubt it would be circulating amongst collectors and traders, but you know what, anything's...
  18. Subtle changes during tours that you've spotted

    It just makes more sense for the impersonator to exit earlier so Michael can quickly appear on stage for Billie Jean (since there is no rising stage here, the time to get to stage is shorter). Maybe this show in Bremen was the first without this rising stage, so the impersonator probably didn't...
  19. Subtle changes during tours that you've spotted

    Well, isn't this impersonator supposed to disappear during that trick with the coffin at the end of these Thriller performances (enter coffin, coffin covered by some cloth, it levitates, cloth is pulled off and it is gone, wow!)? It isn't done here, so instead, he exits the stage normally. That...