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  1. Just Good Friends appreciation

    I always love this song.his vocal performance was amazing
  2. Michael's mom reported missing /Grandma's Home/TJ appointed Co/Guardian with Katherine

    Re: Michael's mom reported missing /TJ temp Guardianship/Grandma's Home Wow its so much going on with that family right know.i hope they get it together.
  3. MJ Forever Tribute/ MJJC Statement / Estate statement / Fan letter pg51/ GLE put on administration

    Re: Michael Forever Tribute/ MJJC Official Statement / Discussion / Estate statement / Fan letter @p Yolanda adams that's my girls.she gonna sing the heck out of them songs
  4. Murray Trial - September 27 - Day 1 - Discussion Thread

    Tell murray to stop crying them fake ass tears.before lightening come down and strike him or imma put my size 12 shoes through the tv
  5. i thought it was michael

    Lloyd has this new song out called dedication to my ex. He sounds much like michael. Its on youtube. Y'all tell me what you think
  6. Jackson family tribute concert / October 8th, 2011 / Initial details @ post 87

    What I meant is the family is going to do what they want to wether we like it or not. Now if fans don't show up. To the concert at all know that would be hilarious.but I will give u props u do have a point
  7. MJ CLINICALLY DEAD Long Before Medical Help Turned Up at His LA home.

    This is going to help the prosecution definatly
  8. Jackson family tribute concert / October 8th, 2011 / Initial details @ post 87

    Whatever happens,happens.we can't do.anything about it.just put it in gods hands and let him handle it.
  9. Michael in this new VMA-promo

    They're. Doing a tribute to brittany comment
  10. MJ Fans on Social Media

    Re: MJ Fans on Twitter?!!!! My twitter is taimekareynolds
  11. Austin Brown at LA's Wango Tango, Album '85' Premiere

    He is. Very talented I. Believe he is to go far.his performance was amazing
  12. Jermaine Jackson Announces His Endorsement of The Largest Michael Jackson Tribute in the World

    I signed up because I believe Jermaine is trying to keep michaels dream alive. theirs so much negativety on this board its just unbelivable
  13. Michael did the Stankey Leg

    Michael is going to get nominated for.bringing the stankey leg back.and inventing the new move called the butt tap. Do the BUTT TAP DO the BUtt tap.HEE.HEE.CHAMONE.GURL.LOL
  14. Michael did the Stankey Leg

    Or do the mike jack.A new dance craze.LOL
  15. Michael did the Stankey Leg

    I bet you u soulja boy is going to make a song off of that new move.The butt Tap..Hey they did say michael was creating new moves.I just decided to put a name to it.
  16. Michael did the Stankey Leg

    yes. I was typing a little fast.I was excited.I'm sure do the same thing to sometimes.I'm not the only one
  17. Michael did the Stankey Leg

    I forgot which song it was on but he was dancing with the gurl and he broke out and did the stanket leg. Oh that new move he do I call it the but tap. The anyone see the part where this woman wasteaching the dancers how to properly grab themselves.Wth was she grabbing ,Whatever it was she...
  18. He was there....

    I wonder if michaels spirits going be at neverland.One day maybe they'll have some pics of him as a spirit
  19. Wrestling

    Are their any wrestling fans on here that loves the WWE?If so did any of you watch Wrestlemania?