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  1. How many totally finished outtakes are there from the sessions of his adult solo albums?

    I don't have an answer myself, but whatever the Estate says about this is probably not true. Haha.
  2. Rolling Stones are a DISGRACE!!!

    Who cares about Rolling Stone? They don't think a musician matters if they're not a 70+ year old white guy. We know how good Michael was. Don't give the journalists what they want.
  3. Thriller 40th Anniversary

    Great release, just a bit salty that we didn't get Hot Street and/or Night Line.
  4. Thriller 40th Anniversary

    The estate is a shambles. I would say I can't believe this, but I can...
  5. Hot topic What unreleased demos and remixes do you think will be on Thriller 40 Disc 2?

    I just hope we get something we haven't heard before via leaks or whatever.
  6. Do You Like The Xscape Album?

    I'm thinking the exact same thing, I've been getting into CDs (and vinyls because I'm into 60s stuff as well) and I prefer going in-store. Back to MJ, I do need to get his albums on vinyl...
  7. Do You Like The Xscape Album?

    It's a "split" album for me. With some songs, I prefer the remixes. With others, I prefer the originals. I wouldn't say it's good or bad, I could take it or leave it. I have some very fond memories of the day I went to buy it in HMV, though.
  8. New MJ content (Possibility)

    New content...? I'm OOTL, but I stopped being hopeful. In my eyes, rumours are just that until something is either confirmed or released.
  9. Best MJ lyrics

    Michael's best lyrics. Hey guys, I'm assembling a collection of Michael's best lyrics. I though that, instead of doing a boring Google search, I could make it into a fun discussion here. So, what are your fav lyrics and why? Happy Halloween! :devil::devil::devil:
  10. Does Price Of Fame stand out to anyone else?

    Yeah, I think half of it may be that it's an MJ song I haven't overplayed for years tbh.
  11. Does Price Of Fame stand out to anyone else?

    Hello all, don't mind me. Just slipping back in unannounced after a long absence...! So, I was running through Bad 25 last week. I've always enjoyed side two, but Price Of Fame is really a cut above the rest to me. I don't know if anyone else feels this, but to me it sounds so out of place for...
  12. For All Time [MERGED]

    Re: For all Time Which part of the song did he re-record in the 2000s...? Reading the post, it's not clear to me.
  13. They Dont Care About Us EXPLODING in popularity - becoming MJs most influential song? Re-release?

    This is amazing. That's all. Just brilliant. This song is the perfect anthem for current times.
  14. Triumph 40th Anniversary Edition - should this happen, your thoughts?

    The question you need to ask, sadly, and that executives will ask is- is it commercially viable, and will the public buy it? That's really the main deciding factor when those people look at remastered/anniversary/re-recorded editions, and that's from any artist. They don't really care about what...
  15. MJ Unreleased Song Titles (paper from inside his house) am I late on this?

    I love these pictures. In my eyes, it gives us a glimpse of what Michael had in store for us after TII. So many great songs on these lists, that we may never hear 100% completed.
  16. Michael Jackson's This Is It (Stranger In Moscow small snippet)

    I dream of seeing all of the footage. So I can see the Maestro at work, and so we as a fandom can try and see what physical state he was really in. Sucks that it'll never happen.
  17. If One Old Unreleased Track Were to be Released as a Single it Should Be.....?

    The finished version of Beautiful Girl that's supposed to exist.
  18. The Michael/Paul McCartney/Beatles Catalog Story - What's the real story? [MERGED]

    Re: Do you think it was wrong for Michael to take The Beatles Catalog away from Paul McCartney? Mike saved The Beatles' music from being owned by someone like Sony. I'm 50/50 on this topic, though.
  19. imagine already released material in a new coat?

    I believe there are still many songs that they could use for albums. Think about it. The man wrote so much. I think he has hundreds of tunes we don't even know the names of yet. $ME is just lying so they don't have to do anything new for us.