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  1. zizousama

    Instrumentals/musical pieces/

    Here is Guitar Sound by the amazing Ronald Jenkees and might I add this is just sensational: The Sun Fish Song by Mr. Jenkees as well:
  2. zizousama

    Instrumentals/musical pieces/

    Man, I just listened to the Oakland Raiders New NFL Theme. It's off the hook! Had to comment on it before I listen to what you posted next. Had to say it's epic! Are they your favorite team? Or you simply heard it and liked it? Do you know if I could buy it in a high quality format like wav...
  3. zizousama

    Instrumentals/musical pieces/

    I thought I would revive this thread. Maybe we could help each other unearth great music and discover mesmerizing works. Here is Uranus (Original Mix) Vadim Koks... I think the genre is Progressive House if I'm not mistaken.
  4. zizousama

    Muhammad in the Bible

    The judgements in the Quran anr meant to be followed in all eras and times. It is just that some do not understand how they work. Some think that EVEYONE that steals gets their hand cut or everyone that caused someone else's death would be killed. It is not that simple. It is a very detailed...
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    How do you spell 'Michael Jackson' in your language?

    ????? Michael ?????? Jackson ????? ??????? The Arabic Language
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    Michael - The Great Album Debate

    The Cascio's songs are not finished products. They are not ready to be released by a professional, let alone Michael Jackson. Heck, his 70's songs are better recorded than the Cascio's tracks. Even Michael doesn't sound like himself. No wonderful vocals or adlibs are there. He sounds like an...
  7. zizousama

    Michael - The Great Album Debate

    This album is nowhere near worthy of being an official MJ album. It shouldn't have been put out in this manner. The three Cascio tracks are a joke, authentic or not. MJ wouldn't have liked this album. I wouldn't too if it was an album attributed to me. It adds absolutely nothing to Michael.
  8. zizousama

    Michael and classical music

    I am more interested in this than new songs. We all know how great a vocalist he was. I would love to see more of his music composition talent. I believe he would have made some terrific pieces. The only thing I know is that he wanted to create a classical music album and that he worked on some...
  9. zizousama

    Why do some nice girls last longer with badboys?

    Some wise ladies we have here..
  10. zizousama

    Blue Gangsta (snippet only) - the best outtake from INVINCIBLE

    Phenomenal! MJ's voice is just mind blowing..
  11. zizousama

    Blue Gangsta (snippet only) - the best outtake from INVINCIBLE

    Could someone tell me the password please?
  12. zizousama

    Both Janet and Michael make 'Worst Videos of All Time' list

    Whatzupwitu sucks song and video and deserves to be on such list, but You Rock My World can never be on such list. Granted, it is not one of Michael's best videos, but not THAT bad. I don't like it because Michael didn't introduce anything different in it. No new concepts or ideas were presented...
  13. zizousama

    Myth - Girls are attracted to jerks

    She clearly had an issue whatever that was. No one should accept what she accepted.
  14. zizousama

    New OFFICIAL MJ single - Hold My Hand (update pg.1)

    It's better than the old one for sure, but Akon's annoying voice trying to sing just makes it below the level of the great Michael Jackson. It is never gonna an MJ timeless classic as long as Akon is there singing. Just leave it to Mike to dazzle and make a gem out of this.
  15. zizousama

    Thriller vs Smooth Criminal

    Smooth Criminal a better song and video in my opinion.
  16. zizousama

    Myth - Girls are attracted to jerks

    I guess some young girls do not understand the difference between being strong and firm when you're right/standing up for your loved ones/being adventurous etc and being a jerk. They confuse these things. They think a good man cannot possibly be adventurous and strong and must just be boring...
  17. zizousama

    Myth - Girls are attracted to jerks

    People who stand up for what they believe in, when they know it's right, protect the ones they love, aren't overly shy or insecure, and fight for what's right are not bad people at all. You can be all that and well manner/kind/forgiving/smart... Not disagreeing with you I know you were giving...
  18. zizousama

    "Breaking News" All General Discussion Here [Merged]

    Some people are using a strange reasoning. I do not believe it's Michael on BN. Of course, I may be mistaken. However, some people say we have to believe it was him because it's an unfinished track and a demo. That's why he doesn't sound like himself. Well, how about the Billie Jean demo then...
  19. zizousama

    "Breaking News" All General Discussion Here [Merged]

    Re: "Breaking News" All Discussion Here [Merged] Breaking News and some other snippets we heard are NOT Michael. He sang 2000 watts differently, but you can still identify him easily.
  20. zizousama

    Michael - The Official New Album - Out December 14th - General Discussion Thread

    How can the song be ruined for you if you were sure it's Michael who is singing?!! If you spend a million years saying to me over and over "Do You Know Where Your Children Are isn't sung by Michael" it will never ruin the song for me one bit. I automatically enjoy Mike's voice and identify it...