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  1. Cory Haim Dead at 38?

    Really tragic. He had so much potential then the drugs took hold and he seemed to have a really difficult time getting off them for most of his life. Love The Lost Boys, one of my favourite movies. RIP.
  2. Today we did our monthly visit to Forest Lawn and Debbie Rowe was there.

    Oh Ive just noticed what TMZ did, thats so effing outrageous! They are scum, the lot of them.
  3. Today we did our monthly visit to Forest Lawn and Debbie Rowe was there.

    I think its really awful that fans have taken the time to send her hate mail and that she felt she couldnt even approach his resting place. She was once a very big part of his life, she gave birth to his children! It was very nice of you to show compassion towards her.
  4. Earthquake in Chile

    This is scary, hoping and praying that the countries on tsunami alert dont feel any catastrophic effects. The world is struggling. Michael was right.
  5. Michael Jackson's Mother to Attend Press Conference to Announce International Fan Convention

    I kinda agree. I think there comes a time when you just have to accept that decisions will be made for the good of the estate and we will never know if those decisions would be what Michael wanted.The family are now forever in a no win situation, damned if they do, damned if they dont. I hope...
  6. Usher speaks about Michael Jackson

    Really great words by Usher. Hes always been 100% genuine when it comes to Michael and I really do see him as one of us. We miss him too.
  7. Geraldine Hughes Claims Murray Was With Prostitue on June 25

    Murray is hiding the truth. Whether or not its because he was meeting a prostitute remains to be seen, but it certainly wouldnt surprise me that he left Michael for some reason or another because neglect of patient care and inadequate monitoring of Michael is whats brought us here in the first...
  8. MJ Nomination - 2010 BRIT Awards! [Live tonight.. Feb 16th ]

    Didnt watch the Brits, and havent done for years. Couldnt care less who won what, who said what and who performed. They purposely try to be controversial to stoke the ratings and it doesnt surprise me that they didnt produce any kind of MJ tribute and would rather joke about him because thats...
  9. Jay-Z Didn't Want Remake of 'We Are The World

    Ahhh, and there we have the real reason hes not keen on WATW...cause its taking away from his own efforts. Might've known he couldnt ignore his ego and just appreciate that a charitable effort was being made.
  10. We Are The World 25 for Haiti / Official video now in first post.

    Yip, Im not a fan of Pink but shes good. So is Jennifer Hudson and I like the guy from Maroon 5 aswell. Celine aswell.
  11. So, WATW 25...

    Re: AEG owns It doesnt surprise me that AEG have tried to get involved in this. Their every move is suspect to me, Im still livid that they are prancing Michaels personal posessions around the world on tour to exhibit and make yet more money from, they...
  12. We Are The World 25 for Haiti / Official video now in first post.

    I really like new version. Of course its not comparable to the original, but as far as bringing it into 2010, incorporating new young artists I think its a job well done. Very uplifting at the end.
  13. Discussion about Charges against Dr. Murray / all threads merged

    Re: Brian Oxman is asking for fans help and support to get charges against Murray changed. Fully agree, it does Murray no favour whatsoever that he had attended various medical institutes in his education, yet still acted with complete disregard and incompetency. If anything it raises more...
  14. I might be pregnant, need help!

    Take the test as soon as you can so you know for sure. I'm pregnant and due very very soon. My tips would be: Listen to your body, the first 12 weeks can mean sickness and nausea, always carry water with you and some dry biscuits for when you get caught short and think sickness is coming on...
  15. The Jacksons - A Family Dynasty (Live TV Stream)~ ALL POSTS GO HERE!

    I like Jackie too. He and Tito are my favourites. Its been quite an insight to be honest,I really knew nothing of their personalities. Marlon has surprised me too, I always thought he was reserved and quiet for some reason, though he never shuts up! You can tell theres such competition...
  16. The Jacksons - A Family Dynasty (Live TV Stream)~ ALL POSTS GO HERE!

    I've seen a couple of episodes of this so far. The Jackson brothers when they get together come across as a bunch of excitable kids. Its nice to see. They have their ups and downs and disagreements like all other families do and this only adds to their appeal. Its unfortunate that fans give...
  17. Michael will be in "we are the world

    So glad to hear this, no one can have even half the impact of Michaels vocals and I really hoped they would leave him in it.
  18. Coroners Report released - GRAPHIC CONTENT (Threads merged)

    Re: Regarding the Coroner's Report... For me, the bigger question is what the hell is a medical professional (ie Murray) doing administering an anasthetic as a sleeping aid. Someone at some point in Michaels life has suggested it and given it to him, and has led Michael into a false sense...
  19. Coroners Report released - GRAPHIC CONTENT (Threads merged)

    Re: Regarding the Coroner's Report... I read it last night and I couldnt really equate the information I was reading to the heart and soul of the man who was such a special person to me. It was distressing, he is so much more to me than flesh and blood. The contents of the report saddened me...
  20. Coroners Report released - GRAPHIC CONTENT (Threads merged)

    That was a really tough read. Page 30/31 sums up the complete and utter failure by Murray to care for Michael responsibly and really makes you wonder whether his intentions were to actually help Michael or not. How could he NOT have known the procedures for administering Propofol? Or did he...