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  1. Rare, Unreleased Michael Jackson Album Goes Up for Auction

    It's sad that the Cascio's are still enjoying fame and their names in headlines, seven years after 'Michael' album was released. Their track record prove that they are not worth the time and effort.
  2. Quincy Jones sues Michael Jackson’s estate over royalties

    Quincy lost the plot years ago. His lack of respect towards Michael and his family is disgusting. Fair enough he produced some of the most popular tunes in pop culture, however he's one of those kind of people who knows it. He should proberly take the time to look back and think that it was...
  3. Michael Jackson’s Halloween - New animated special coming this fall

    I understand the estate is trying to create and encourage new fans, just don't think it will appeal to many unless it streams online and is uploaded to streaming services like Netflix etc. That way it will be seen by a wider audience. Talking to other people at work, they seem like it always...
  4. Most likely estate releases over the next year?

    Dangerous 25 minus the daft pit bull type remixes! Just outtakes and unreleased material that was recorded for the Dangerous sessions. That would make me happy for the year 2015 :)
  5. Rumours of a re-release?

    Wish the songs would just be handed over and used before they become to dated. Although Will.i.ams music has turned sour to me over the last few years. His last album minus a few songs on there was underpar
  6. [VOTE] MJ Hologram- Yes or No?

    If they did tastefully, actually using Michaels footage and real moves then yes. The whole STTR hologram, was a let down. facially it looked nothing like how MJ used to look and the moves were limp too.
  7. X factor theme queen vs michael jackson special

    It's great that they are doing a MJ themed week on the X Factor. Its a chance for the young generation who may not be to familiar with MJ. Hope they use LNFSG on there might just bring it back to top end of the iTunes charts again ready for an Xmas for more sales of Xscape :)
  8. Which song(s) has grown on you the most?

    Blue Gangsta, I used to skip whenever it came on but now I don't.
  9. When/Where was the last time you heard a song from XSCAPE in public?

    A Place With No Name is now playing in Debenhams department stores in the UK.
  10. Invincible appreciation thread

    Re: So, Invincible is much better than everybody thought.... If i'm being honest I have phases with Invincible the album. Most of the songs sound a little dated if i'm honest, but theres some killer tracks in there for me. Unbreakable, Invincible, Break of Dawn, Heaven Can Wait, Whatever...
  11. A Place With No Name (Second Single from Xscape) Discussion

    Just when is this being released as a single to download?
  12. When/Where was the last time you heard a song from XSCAPE in public?

    Yep Debenhams in the UK have 'Loving You' playing. I work there and for the last few months Michaels been on every playlist instore. Debenhams seem to love having MJ on their CDs.
  13. My LNFSG remix

    Has it been removed?
  14. A Place With No Name (Second Single from Xscape) Discussion

    Re: L.A. Reid confirms A Place With No Name is the next single (released on August 13) Does anyone know when the song is being released as a single on iTunes yet or?
  15. A Place With No Name (Second Single from Xscape) Discussion

    Re: L.A. Reid confirms A Place With No Name is the next single (released on August 11) Any news or developments folks?
  16. Oprah Holds MLK Portrait Drawn By Michael Jackson

    Amazing drawing by the King of Pop! No words could describe Oprah though, Good job really.
  17. Xscape General Discussion

    I think still think the Estate has a few surprises to come from Xscape&#8230; Heres hoping in the next month.<object type="cosymantecnisbfw" cotype="cs" id="SILOBFWOBJECTID" style="width: 0px; height: 0px; display: block;"></object>
  18. 'Charmed' Actress Rose McGowan Insults Michael After Fans Said She Looked Like Him!!

    and the beat goes on... Does she realise that global Michael Jackson appreciation over powers her? People have to go the extremes of Googling her to see who she is? At the end of the day she clearly doesnt know the first thing about Michael Jackson, so shouldn't be dishing out half arsed...
  19. Terence Trent D'Arby aka Sananda Maitreya Talks about Michael Jackson, Music, Life, and Spirituality

    In the words of Michael "Tell him go to hell" I'm yet to see anything from TTD since he surfaced in the 80's that even closely matches Michael creative and superstar status, simple. I certainly wont be holding my breath to see anything in the future either. He's had numerous of years to show...
  20. Ghosts should get a proper release - with 1993 footage and all

    Its almost criminal that Ghosts hasnt been acknowledged by a proper DVD release! One of Michael most greatest short films, in terms of dancing and visual aspects. So much is taken from ghosts in videos by other artists these days and the public simply isnt aware of.