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  1. June 13 - 15

    ^^^ You miss my username? I miss it too. I have actually arranged to change it back. Thanks for the link.
  2. June 13 - 15

    I know my stuff is not really "news" but I would like to share anyway. Today when I was posing for an artist YANA came over the air. The artist said "Michael Jackson's voice is so pure it's almost frightening, especially when he is singing songs like that" (mean YANA). He then talked about...
  3. As A Fan,What Is More Important To You ??

    As Super Legacy Defender, I would like Michael to return with an album that silences all the naysayers. But as Nancii - someone who appreciates Michael Jackson's ART - I am just excited to see where his creativity has taken him. I feel that Michael has provided a body of work that I am happy...
  4. 2nd June: MJJCommunity News

    Thanks LJ. *whispers* - but it's the month of June
  5. Favorite Song To Dance To

    Off the top of my head . . . State of Shock Can U Feel It? Working Day & Night Ghosts HIStory (remix) 2 Bad Black or White She Drives Me Wild Why You Wanna Trip On Me? Wanna Be Startin Something Burn This Disco Out Blame It On The Boogie Rocking Robin Lovely One
  6. Current Songs You Think Are Great

    I would have to say "Apologise" by OneRepublic.
  7. New here :)

    Hi Geogirl! It's always good to see new members on the forum. So fill us in - how did you find out about us? When did you become a fan? Details! Details!!!
  8. "Eleanor Rigby" Appreciation Thread....

    With my dialup I wont bother to try to watch the clips. But Eleanor Rigby is one of my fave tunes. The melody and lyrics are brilliant. Something about the song connects with me, like I was an'Eleanor Rigby' in a previous life. Spooky.
  9. Who Is Celebrating 25 Years of MJ Fandom With Me?

    Cinnamon, Michael was always a part of my life as well. I used to sing backup for my cousin whenever she performed "Ben" and I knew all the songs on the Jackson 5 Christmas album and I danced like mad to Dont Stop and Working Day and Night. But Michael did not really impact on me until Beat...
  10. Who Is Celebrating 25 Years of MJ Fandom With Me?

    I can't believe that 25 years have gone already!! Someone mentioned in one of the news threads that they were celebrating their 25th MJ anniversary (I think it was Dorothy Marie) and it came home to me - HEY, IT'S MY ANNIVERSARY TOO. I became a fan when I heard Beat It for the first time on...
  11. May 20, 2008 (Big Star to be in tomorrow's American Idol Performing,says Paula Abdul)

    Re: May 20, 2008: Michael Jackson News and Mentions Qbee, I noticed that too! Thanks for news!!
  12. TURN OFF YOUR TV's. We are being brainwashed.

    People who underestimate the power of television are fooling themselves. That gentleman was right on point. On every point. Alot us are like the gentleman in the Matrix who prefers to stay in the Matrix. Everything is cool, everything is fine. It's not that big a deal . . . But I have...
  13. The media is the enemy of freedom-666 see rich media, poor democracy part 1n2

    Datsymay, thank you for posting these links. As I said in another thread, I have dialup so watching these clips can take HOURS. ADSL coming soon. I feel I must comment in this thread because this a topic I feel very strongly about. It is naive to believe that media is not another form of...
  14. US Presidential Election ... [All recent threads merged here]

    Re: US Presidential Election CindyRilla, thanks for everything you have posted. You and Datsmay definitely keep things interesting . . . I am still struggling with dialup but getting adsl by the end of the month. Once I do so, I will take your advice and give Zeitgeist a watch.
  15. The X-Files: I Want to Believe Movie Trailer - What Do You Think?

    I feel better when a trailer do not reveal too much. It does provide an air of mystery and I makes me curious. The same thing happened with The Matrix. I could not make out what the hell the movie was about from watching the trailer, so I just had to go and see it. Honestly, I feel like the...
  16. Which song(s) bare you to the bone and leave you like that?

    The songs that strip me bare are: Stranger In Moscow. The pain and loneliness in Michael's voice just cuts right through my soul. Is It Scary? - There is a powerful anger in that song and pain too. By the time it comes to the piano at the end I am wrung dry, limp. One Day In Your Life -...
  17. German Radio Show Focuses On MJ (May 3)

    I think it would be good for us to participate in this. The broadcasters would be able to see the international, lost-lasting impact of Michael and Thriller. Thanks for the information Litia.
  18. Young people showing their love for MJ in song and dance.

    Thanks, Dats. I enjoyed them all. But they also make me crave the real thing. Off to youtube.
  19. The American tax system and the Federal reservescome under attack as fraudulent.

    Dats, thanks for posting. This has re-stirred my interest in the whole topic and I will do some more research. I am not one to be a conspiracy theorist, but neither am I one to swallow everything I am told. I loved the Matrix movie for this. There are so many ways that the people with the...