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  1. New Documentary :Killing Michael Jackson' (about the Murray investigation) 22 June 19 UK

    The link doesn't work :( Would love to see this ........
  2. New documentry about the Wade Robson Scam Don't know if it belongs here but it's a must watch!
  3. Royal Brunei 1996 Bad Tour Version

    Just asked the question to Karen and Taj on Twitter......... I know this picture for years and always wondered :)
  4. Have you ever seen michael in concert?

    Bad, Dangerous and HIStory tours :) Also I went to hotels MJ stayed, airports where he arived........ those were the days :)
  5. This Is It 10th Anniversary Boxset

    You are SO right!!
  6. MJ Good News Thread

    Re: MJ good news thread . Something positive :)
  7. European Jackson Event, August 24th 2019 Holland

    Dear fans, Since 2001, the European Jackson Event team has organised many events to celebrate the life and music of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. We were there in 2005, when Michael was accused and had to appear in court. We were there in 2009, when Michael passed away and we will be...
  8. McDonald’s franchise in the Netherlands removes HIStory statue
  9. Analaysing the pictures and video footage which was used in Leaving Neverland

    On facebook there was a picture of Jimmy in the airplane with MJ and on that picture you could see they photoshoped MJ's fedora in his hand. Can't find it anymore.......:(
  10. European Jackson Event afermovie & statement

    Dear Jackson fans, This is it! With great pride, we present you the long awaited aftermovie for the European Jackson Event 2014. Unfortunately, the EJE2014 will also be the last Jackson event. With our deepest regrets, we must inform you of the fact that the number of visitors have been...
  11. The EJE Review

    Thank you for this great review :)
  12. The European Jackson Event, April 20th 2014, Holland

    6 days left................2 days left to buy tickets :)
  13. The European Jackson Event 2014 (#EJE2014) ~ Join Us!

    13 days to go..........................:)
  14. The European Jackson Event 2014 (#EJE2014) ~ Join Us!

    Please try to get as much UK fans together and make this a day to never-ever forget :)
  15. Dutch Fan thread 11-03-2014

    Even een vraagje tussendoor: Wie gaat er allemaal naar het European Jackson Event op 20 April ??
  16. European Jackson Event Pers statement (in het Nederlands) voor fans...........
  17. European Jackson Event Pers statement (in het Nederlands)

    Het European Jackson Event is begonnen als een kleine bijeenkomst voor een selecte groep mensen. Inmiddels is het uitgegroeid tot een waar, internationaal fenomeen! Het EJE begon zo'n 14 jaar geleden in een kleine school-aula in Eindhoven. De perfecte combinatie van magische optredens, geweldige...
  18. The European Jackson Event, April 20th 2014, Holland

    The European Jackson Event has grown from a small party for a select group of people to a true international phenomenon. EJE started over 14 years ago in a small school auditorium in Eindhoven. The perfect combination of magic performances, great dance music and the chance to buy rare pieces of...