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  1. Lisa Marie Presley Hospitalized After Suspected Cardiac Arrest

    wow this is sad. even though i never liked her, she was a part of Michael's life. who would have known she would die so young. RIP LMP
  2. Did You See Michael in Concert?

    Re: Did you get to see Michael in concert? yes i went to 11 concerts- 1993 Moscow / 1996 Prague, 1996 Moscow, 1996 Amsterdam, 1997 Paris x 2, 1997 Munich x 2, 1997 Tallinn, 1997 Helsinki x 2 my fav is probably Prague as we spent there many days starting from his arrival on 3 /9/96 to Prague...
  3. (Prince) Michael Joseph Jackson Jnr. Discussion/Picture Thread

    Re: Prince Jackson -thread I remember Michael while on tour going to women's hospitals where they gave birth or were anout to give birth and was asking them a whole lot of questions about parenting. Lol he was studying at the time...and now boom! his grown up children
  4. Michael's Manhood Thread - 18+ (Read The First Post For Rules!)

    just my 2 cents into this tread - didn't his stage crew call him "tripod" on the stage? an when he wanted the sound louder he would say "hurt me" sorry Mike:)
  5. What are the best books about Michael Jackson?

    Re: What are the best books about Michael Jackson I read many of his biographies but none matters. only "Dancing the dream" does really matter
  6. What was Michael's greatest talent?

    creation of magic from the void, from nothing that was there before magic was created by him
  7. Have you met Michael? Describe your personal experience with him.

    I wouldn't call it "meeting" - just shook his hand when he was in the car in London - came up to the window that was open, though "came up" is not the right word. he waited for me to let his hand go. I gave him gifts many times during History tour in different cities. But never talked to him. I...
  8. Songs that sound better live

    Stranger in Moscow is pretty awesome live and probably better on the rehearsal
  9. What made MJ's songs so unique?

    he had a gift from God. when people don't have it, they can do nice or good things, but they won't be divine
  10. The Misheard lyrics thread..

    This Is Our Planet You're One Of Us --- this is a train, you want a bus
  11. June 25, 2013 Remembering Michael - News, Fan Tributes, Pictures from Forest Lawn & Neverland etc.

    Re: June 25, 2013 Remembering Michael - News, Fan Tributes, Pictures from Forest Lawn & Neverland e remembering Michael today and every day
  12. When Mike shines...NOT as a lead vocalist

    "Torture" with "flat" Jerm at the beginning and shinning Michael at the 2d verse
  13. What are are your wishes/ thoughts/ideas for Lady Gaga in regards of the MJ Costumes?

    stop spending money on costumes and rather spend on charity and make your own outfits
  14. Dangerous 25: what would you like to see happen? [UNCONFIRMED]

    Re: Dangerous 25: what would you like to see happen? lots of "The Making of.." and a collection of interviews with Mike :D
  15. Things you liked about the HIStory Tour

    him being very close to fans be it at hotels or on concerts
  16. If you could ask Michael a question what would it be?

    i dont have any questions to ask.. i think he answered all questions
  17. Miss him

    i miss him every day, im trying to avoid watching videos cause they only make me sad. well may be with time, but certainly nothing will ever be the same at least i could start listening to his music a year ago or so, and the music brings a bit of comfort ...i dont know... it still feels so...