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  1. Producers You Wish Had Made Complete Albums With MJ

    Jam & Lewis - Big fan of angry Mike music (Nobody sings angry like Michael) ! Jam & Lewis did a great job on Scream & Tabloid Junkie.
  2. A few thoughts about Xscape album...

    Thats pure PR on the part of LA Reid. My guess is that, that was part of the settlement with Paul Anka in 2009 when he said Mike "Stole" the tapes and threatened to sue. Then the Estate reached out to him and they settled for 50% royalty. Imo, there could have been another condition that his...
  3. She Got It Appreciation Thread

    Never liked "She got it" all these years. But started enjoying it recently. But for me it needs a little additional production like this "Work that body" mix !
  4. The Consensus about This Time Around?

    Nobody sings angry better than Mike ! TTA better than Unbreakable !
  5. The Estate are refusing to promote Thriller 40
  6. Hot topic What unreleased demos and remixes do you think will be on Thriller 40 Disc 2?

    Can't agree more. Im 43, I want to be able to listen to as much from the Vault as possible b4 I pop (Legally, illegally...I don't care. Life is not fair with far more important issues in the world). The estate has enough money to take care of PPB. Having said that the audio quality is low, so...
  7. New MJ content (Possibility)

    Hypothetical question: If Paris choose to complete one of Mike's unfinished demos and release it- who will have the final say in that decision ? The estate or Paris (along with her siblings).
  8. New MJ content (Possibility)

    Mike's biggest market since Bad has been Asia and europe, Asia also happens to be the biggest population. We asians don't have any access to any of these shows.
  9. New MJ content (Possibility)

    I tend to agree that IRS could be one of the reasons why they haven't disclosed the true extent of unreleased material. It goes with their line of argument that MJ's image and likeness was next to nothing, he hadn't released or toured in years, no big brands wanted to associate or sponsor...
  10. New MJ content (Possibility)

    hahahahahaha !
  11. How many RELEASED songs does Michael Jackson have in his ADULT SOLO CAREER as of 2021?

    Are we counting songs featuring Mike ?! Watzupwithu Mind is the Magic Why We be Ballin This is It All in your Name (Released by Barry Gibb) There must be more to life than this (William Orbit mix) Released on Queen's compilation Album Say Say Say and The Man - Released on Paul's Albums Somebody...
  12. New MJ content (Possibility)

    Not gonna get hopes high knowing that the estate are focussed on making the maximum revenue, which is through shows (Cirque and The One), rather that releasing new songs or unreleased footage (Concerts). Nevertheless, August would be perfect for a New single with the 50th anniversary and...
  13. Unpopular opinions about MJ’s music?

    Talking about length of Albums, History disc 1 is 71.30 mins. Thats over 5mins less than Disc - 2 and/or Dangerous. So, if space was'nt a limitation, why did they leave out Dirty Diana and Smooth Criminal. Also, I did'nt know until recently that 'Girl is mine' did'nt reach the summit on the...
  14. Miscellaneous Michael J. Jackson - MMJJ

    They played "Don't stop till you get enough" in between games, during the US Open finals !
  15. Do You Like Morphine?

    Always liked the song but once I came across the "Birchey's - Joseph Merrick remix" about 8-10 years ago, I fell in love with it. I replaced the ablum version with the remix on my personal album.Have'nt bothered to listen to the original since.
  16. New Album Coming Soon? Orianthi Currently Working on Posthumous Project

    I do not believe any of the Redone or Will-I-am songs are complete. Even if they were, I wouldn't want any of those or CGYWOM or Men in Back (which are complete) released. Rather get producers to complete "Trouble" or "Days in Gloucestershire" or even "She got it" and release it as the first...
  17. New Album Coming Soon? Orianthi Currently Working on Posthumous Project

    "Ordinary demo" does not equal "awful" ! Point is why relese a demo when you have better songs or atleast equally good but complete songs (Hot Street). Even Timbaland had claimed that Chicago is a song to look out for. Besides, its not bashing- its preference of one over the other. Look at the...
  18. New Album Coming Soon? Orianthi Currently Working on Posthumous Project

    I dont believe that LA Reid meant what he said. I think as the Head of the Project he had to make statements that are sound right. Surely he could'nt say "Oh! The plan is to put out songs that have already leaked over the years and save the unknown ones for the future". LNFSG is an example that...
  19. Leftovers that should've made the album?

    Totally agree... Im glad that MJ released most of his best work during his life time. The only exception being Invincible.. im guessing he was trying to win back the US audience with Vince. Coz i dont believe songs like "Butterflies and Heaven can wait" works with European and Asian audience...