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    Whitney Houston Has Passed Away

    R.I.P. Whitney... You have influenced a lot of female singers especially in my country. Here's their tribute to you.
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    Michael wearing the same clothes

    i always thought he never repeats his clothes.. (or maybe just during the trial?)
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    I Lost My Job....

    good for you!!!! working on a job that you really dislike is so sickening!!!!! i've experienced that too... now, i have a new job that does pay much as i had on my first job but still i love this present job since my life is "normal."
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    Mother injects Botox in the daughter of 7 years old! o___O

    And i thought Charice was the youngest to have something injected on her face...
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    Dame Elizabeth Taylor passes away at 79 / Elizabeth Taylor Laid to Rest at Forest Lawn

    I learned about the news when my dad saw this in the news. I am not a fan but i like Liz for being there for Michael.. My dad is not a fan but an admirer of her beauty was totally in shock when he learned about the news.. ;(
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    Video of the Day
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    Janet's Number One's World Tour Official Thread

    Re: Janet's world tour - first date set she'll be performing in Manila on Feb. 4 at the PICC Plenary Hall.. I wonder why they chose that venue and only limited seats are available. (I mean, people will watch a concert and not a commencement exercise ryt?)
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    Video of the Day

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    American Idol: J-Lo - "We are trying to find the next MJ"

    J-Lo - "We are trying to find the next MJ" Me: "Duh, as if there's one..'
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    will Charice "Sunshine Corazon" be a mainstay in Glee? just curious.. she's getting a lot of hype here in Phillipines because of her Glee episode premier..
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    does anyone notice that music videos just doesn't feel the same anymore

    music videos today are crap... (Kesha's Your Love is my drug video comes into mind...)
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    Video of the Day

    Jolibee is the mascot of leading fastfood chain in the Philippines..:hapnod::hapnod: 26FAREZX604
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    "See you in July!"...JULY 7

    JUly 7 is my birthday and this thread is... ;(
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    What was the last thing someone said to you?

    "you are not suppose to be here.." (someone from a company told me...)
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    What are you going to do ??

    im going to sleep the whole day.... need to regain sleep after weeks of graveyard workshift....
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    Can you type * Michael Jackson * with your eyes closed?

    michael jacksin ALMOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Algebra - anyone?

    of all the maths i encountered in my 4 years in colege... this is the easiest...
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    From a guesting in Ellen Degeneres show, she was offered to be managed by Oprah Winfrey and now has released her first international album CHARICE (debuted at #8 in Billboard 200) with the single PYRAMID . what are your thoughts about her?
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    Have you ever been ignored?

    ME? all the time..:(:( i have their attention when they need something (ie. homeworks, projects.. etc.)