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  1. Four Years After Death 'Michael Jackson One' Shows Why Artist's Legacy Is Flourishing

    How lovely to read this, seems like it was written by someone who understands Michael and his work. Bravo Michael---THE LEGEND LIVES ON.
  2. The Legend Lives On - Official Cirque du Soleil 'Immortal World Tour' Discussion

    The Australian dates are NOT right---I just made a booking TODAY (24th May) for a show--in Brisbane Australia---for OCTOBER 5th.
  3. Official: The Jackson UNITY TOUR

    Re: Official: The Jackson Start Their UNITY TOUR in July I went to the March 24th Brisbane concert. It was held in an outdoor venue and despite everything being wet-- due to a storm at 6PM.----it was good. We didn't go into the venue until 7.15 PM----we were waiting for the storm to...
  4. Your Last MJ-Related Purchase

    Re: Your last MJ purchase My last Michael related purchase was the book by Jermaine. I thought it was very good. And---I am now waiting on the Man and his Music?? to arrive from Amazon. I have so many other Michael books---but none about his music. Dawn
  5. Thank You Case Team Volunteers - Please join me to say thanks

    Thank you EVERYONE who has helped. Living in Australia makes it so hard to get --up to the minute--news. MJJC filled that gap so well. Dawn
  6. Murray Trial Day 22, November 1st

    Thank you--to everyone who have done all the work involved in typing up things--as they happened. Your summaries have been so helpful. Whatever the outcome--and I feel sure it will be a guilty verdict---we will ALWAYS have Michael in our hearts. We have to put this trial behind us. Dawn
  7. Murray Trial- Day 13- October 19th Discussion

    What could be worse?? Knowing that a couple of steps might/could have saved Michael---or that Murray might not even serve ANY time in jail. We are never going to have any closure. Dawn
  8. Message From MJ Estate : "Regarding Michael's Wishes - Children's Charities"

    A hospital for children would be an ideal way for the estate to honour Michael's wishes. Dawn
  9. Murray Trial - 5 October - Day 7 - Discussion

    Thank you to elusive --and everyone else for the coverage. I live in Australia and the times are too difficult for me to watch live. OFF TOPIC slightly---I notice Elusive's signature says--removed due to size but there are a few others that take up such a lot of space---especially...
  10. Murray Trial - 29 September - Day 3 - Discussion

    Seems to me instead of Murray ringing anyone of the security people--Murray should have rang 911 FIRST Murrray rang MAW first. Alberto was on the phone with MAW as he came in the front door. If Murray knew Michael had a bad reaction to ANY treatment--and he was going to need more help---he...
  11. Murray Trial - 28 September - Day 2 - Discussion Thread

    Thanks EVERYONE for this discussion. I'm from Australia--don't want to try live streams, with our time differences they would be around 1---4/5 AM Dawn
  12. Dame Elizabeth Taylor passes away at 79 / Elizabeth Taylor Laid to Rest at Forest Lawn

    Re: Dame Elizabeth Taylor passes away at 79 Among many, many, reports on the news today---one of them ran a collage of Dame Elizabeth Taylor's movies----and played Michael singing--You Are Not Alone---in the background. I thought that was a beautiful gesture. Dawn
  13. Dame Elizabeth Taylor passes away at 79 / Elizabeth Taylor Laid to Rest at Forest Lawn

    Re: Liz Taylor Has Died R.I.P. Elizabeth Taylor. A beautiful person. Dawn
  14. Calling for a boycott of Discovery Channel's advertisers - NOW SUCCESSFULLY CANCELLED!

    Re: Calling for a boycott of Discovery Channel's advertisers YES!!! There are SO MANY alternative brands Just DON'T BUY---from the above list. Dawn
  15. 'Official Michael Jackson Opus' (All Threads Merged)

    I would like to know the same thing. NOTHING has appeared all this year. We were supposed to get the print as compensation for our late deliveries---in Australia---but NOTHING. Not so much that I need the print---just the principle of it all---a promise, that NEVER happened. Dawn
  16. New regulations at Forest Lawn

    The platform is a very good idea. Forest Lawn are trying to consider everyone. Dawn
  17. Sign The Book Of L.O.V.E.

    Dawn--Brisbane--Australia MICHAEL--FOREVER in my heart
  18. New article which I hope EVERYBODY reads it!!!

    Sure "they" might be pointing out that Michael is held --in better light---now--than before he died-----but do "they" have to make all the snide comments that are in this article. I DON'T THINK SO. Dawn
  19. 'Official Michael Jackson Opus' (All Threads Merged)

    Rockin--The Nate Georgio print was supposed to be sent to some countries who got late deliveries of their Opus books----it was "compensation" for the late delivery. As far as I know---NO ONE has recieved their print. Dawn