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  1. GenieBottle

    Sherri Shepherd comment (sweet)

    Hey girl! thanks! yep yep thats my drawing.... I got something really special cooking...when I finish the drawing I will post it.. MJ...naked...elephant...LOL and thats all I'm saying!! :naughty:
  2. GenieBottle

    Mike Huckabee Remembers Michael Jackson!

    OK totally off topic but your f**king sexy!! :wub: hellz to the yesss! on the gold leotard all DAY!! Mike work it lol
  3. GenieBottle

    Michael Jackson Dance Party State Theatre

    I'll be there!!! :D jammin to Mike Jackson all night!! dats how we do in the DMV!
  4. GenieBottle

    Portrait of Martin Luther King by Michael Jackson- PIC

    I love seeing all of his artwork... kindred of my artist to another, te amo
  5. GenieBottle

    Michael Jackson: The Experience - Discussion News And Updates Thread

    Re: 'Michael Jackson: The Experience' DELAYED + TRAILER - UPDATES Pg1 [Merged] Looks like I got to get a Wii for Christmas! :D
  6. GenieBottle

    How the West Was Worn by . . . Michael Jackson

    Those boots..... are off the CHAIN!!! only Mike..only Mike lol
  7. GenieBottle

    20 MILLION Facebook fans by 29th Aug!

    This is very cool! On the social networking front this is very important...and a lot of people care. FB may be stupid and annoying, but it is damn popular. FB is evolving and it is a very easy way for millions of people to connect. The media always talk about FB and how huge it is becoming...
  8. GenieBottle

    DC Loves MJ -Tribute to Michael June 26, 2010

    DATE CHANGE...Again: There has been a date change for the tribute to Michael. This is now a HALLOWEEN DANCE TRIBUTE! Due to lack of time to plan everything and conflicting events, we decided it best to change the date. Everything else about the tribute remains the same. I hope everyone who...
  9. GenieBottle

    Seany Goes MAD! - An extraordinary tribute.

    I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!! Congrats Seany! Next up is Mt. Everest! lol
  10. GenieBottle

    PS22 Chorus and Newsweek 2010 tribute to MJ

    Very cool! Thats what its all about right there...will live forever.
  11. GenieBottle

    Artist shocks with Michael Jackson nude pics

    Oh my gosh...soo hott! Yes on an elephant!..with like an India theme...and he has like beautiful silks and fabric covering him...ahhh :wub: Oh man...I could do like a bunch of them ...oh my gosh...I paint in my grandmas living room..there is NO way grammy is seeing these bad boys LOL!!! I...
  12. GenieBottle

    Artist shocks with Michael Jackson nude pics

    Pff... the media is a day late and a dollar short... Does the media even know for how long MJ fans especially female MJ fans have been portraying Michael? lol I think MJ would have loved it! slightly embarassed...but totally like Shamone!! lol Don't even get me started..I draw and paint...
  13. GenieBottle

    I'm so fed up with these 'michael jackson IS still alive' videos on youtube..

    Re: i'm so fed up with these 'michael jackson IS still alive' videos on youtube.. I am 50/50 on the hoax stuff. Hoax or murder. IMO it wasn't an accident. The whole thing is sad. The folks who have accepted his death throw barbs at those who haven't...and those who believe he is alive throw...
  14. GenieBottle

    friends and their f***king stupidy!!! (michael related)

    OK...first off...these 'girls' are NOT your friends!! They say they love you...BUT..they bully and make you feel stupid? I don't care how long you have been friends. Somewhere from middle school to wherever you are now they lost you. Which is very sad, it can happen to any relationship. They...
  15. GenieBottle

    DC MJ Meetup/Vigil June 25@Metro Center

    Hello fellow DC, VA, MD fans! if you feel, come down and join us for celebration and quiet contemplation for our beloved Michael Jackson. We are gonna meet @ Metro Center (metro station on red line) tomorrow @ 6:00pm. Grab some food and head over to the Lincoln memorial and find a quiet spot...
  16. GenieBottle

    Put your name on our MJJC banner for the 25th...........

    T. Corinne Atkins - Maryland, U.S.A :D
  17. GenieBottle

    Michael Jackson a Billion-Dollar Man--Billboard Magazine

    ^^Mad f**king respect!!! respect!!! What you said about them trying to revise MJs financial legacy is sooo true! I believe it is not just Michaels financial legacy but also his music and human legacy. I said before 'the powers that be' are trying to erase Michael from the history books by...
  18. GenieBottle

    Happy Father's Day Michael Jackson

    Happy Fathers Day Michael! Your babies love you, and we all L.O.V.E. you! For all time
  19. GenieBottle

    Time Magazines List of Most Influential People

    ^^I agree These mags do matter..they are done so often and its almost like subliminal messaging. It keeps getting imprinted into peoples minds. I don't know about the Time mag but I have seen the Life magazine on stands called "100 people who changed the world" On the cover are pictures of...