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    Do you think he's sexy?

    I think he is the most gorgeous man ever created.
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    MJ - "Hey, why down there!?" + other Schaffel documentary clips

    Re: MJ - "Hey, why down there!?" I looooove it. :wild:
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    Thanks guys :)

    Thanks guys :)
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    Where can u buy this necklace that Michael wore before the concert rehearsal?

    One of my friends took the photo, and that's me next to him. I posted this photo of Michael a few months "show off his curls" to everyone.
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    Where can u buy this necklace that Michael wore before the concert rehearsal?

    The fan only gave him the jacket...Michael had been wearing that necklace a while before he had the jacket. I was really wondering about the necklace too...I want one. :) Thanks for posting info about it.
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    MJ & Cats?

    Actually Michael wasn't too crazy about cats. Paris loved cats though, so she had some.
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    Murray gets his own TV show!!

    The title makes me wanna cry...I don't even wanna read about it. God, why.
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    MJ was a Sex God -- While Media Pretends Not to Notice

    Michael is stunning, sexy, gorgeous, hot, beautiful, handsome all of it! The epitome of sexy.
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    What did MJ like to eat?

    He was really into Indian food in the last year. Things like samosas, chicken masala and tandoor salmon.
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    Make up

    What I really like is that Disney video...thanks for posting. :)
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    Followers and fans organize Heal the World for Children festival in LA to continue Michael's legacy

    I've donated!! And I'll be a leader as well. :) Michael would truly want this...
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    Anyone else here become a fan in the last few years?

    Me! Became a fan in 2003. Michael gave me the best 7 years of my life...
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    Memorial At Staples Center: Fans & fan clubs should have been given tix FIRST!

    I can't believe what Donna said is being so misunderstood. Do you people not realize that more than half that stadium will be filled with people who got the ticket just to be there for the fun of it...because it's gonna be a very historical event. Those bastards are even trying to sell their...
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    Michael's Viewing: Make A Contribution for Flowers from the Fans

    Hi guys… My name’s Arus and some of you may remember me from the MJJF days and the trial. I’m absolutely heart-broken and devastated by Michael’s passing and I cannot believe our beautiful angel is gone. I have no words, I'm in disbelief as many of us are. :cry: I don’t have much time to...
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    MJ is leaving the UK

    Michael's home. He arrived yesterday around 4pm. No worries. :)
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    New Pic (with Christian Audigier)

    Re: new pic (with Christian Audigier) What a stunning photo. God I love that man!
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    US Presidential Election ... [All recent threads merged here]

    Congratulations to President Obama. Tonight was a beautiful and HISTORIC moment.