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  1. kattch

    Recording 'Off The Wall' - In The Studio with Quincy Jones 1978

    THANKS soooo much !! First time I see this picture !!
  2. kattch

    Hayvenhurst Home Pictures

    This is a VR Video of Hayvenhurst... So amazing !!
  3. kattch

    Name That Michael Jackson Song A-Z

    Dirty Diana
  4. kattch

    Rare Pictures Thread

    1977... Not 1976 !!
  5. kattch

    Rare Pictures Thread

    Oooh Hello Sabe !!... How are you here ?????? LOOOOOOL
  6. kattch

    Rare Pictures Thread

    Looks like a montage, no ??... these pictures are real ?
  7. kattch

    Whatever Happens (Video) - mjtunes (Fan Made)

    Re: Whatever Happens (New Video?) - mjtunes And... Why MJTunes themself don't give more information about this video ?
  8. kattch

    Michael Jackson - "Majesty Tour"?

    I remember I borrowed this CD to a MJ fan, long time ago... But the CD Cover was different. After that, I didn't try to keep back this CD. Just to say how much this CD is important in your collection... LOOOOOOOOOOOL
  9. kattch

    Japanease MJ fans

    this is an interesting question !!... I want to know where too !! ;D
  10. kattch

    The Official Michael Jackson Exhibition In Japan (Merged)

    Re: The Official Michael Jackson Exhibition In Japan I look forward to see the catalogue...
  11. kattch

    HQ Pictures of THIS IS IT

    Merci a tous !!!!
  12. kattch

    HQ Pictures of THIS IS IT

    I am looking for HQ (real) Pictures of THIS IS IT, but not movie captures. Somebody has any pictures ?? :angel:
  13. kattch

    HEAL THE WORLD Signature Series

    WOAAAAAAAAAAAAAW... You did by yourself ??? Thanx soooo much !!!!!!!!! How long time did you need ? For people who don't know this version : (sorry, i didn't succeed to let appear the youtube screen) :cheeky:
  14. kattch

    HEAL THE WORLD Signature Series

    Hi everybody, I really like this version of HEAL THE WORLD "Signature Series". During this song, Michael talks about his foundation, but my English is poor and I don't understand what he says. Somebody has a transcription of his words ???? Please, help me !!! :angel:
  15. kattch

    [REQ] Best of VICTORY TOUR DVD Covers

    I uploaded these 2 DVDs for another forum, but here the section dissappeared... then if somebody is interested, you can post here, and i will send by MP !!!
  16. kattch

    [REQ] Best of VICTORY TOUR DVD Covers

    [REQ] Best of VICTORY TOUR DVD Covers I am looking for DVD covers in good quality, because the ones I found on the net are in small size. :lurkingtroll If somebody has this 2 covers in good quality, don't hesitate to post here... Thank you sooo much in advance ...
  17. kattch

    Michael Jackson – Buttercup (Unreleased)

    Apparemment, ce titre apparait sur "I Want You Back - The Unreleased Master", il est donc officiel. Je pense que ce topic devrait etre efface, nan ?
  18. kattch

    Michael Jackson – Buttercup (Unreleased)

    Looks like the THRILLER session, no ?
  19. kattch

    Michael Jackson – Buttercup (Unreleased)

    I just found this on the net : Michael Jackson – Buttercup (Unreleased) somebody heard this song before ? Me, it's the first time !!! :punk: :clapping: