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  1. Mizz Mina

    [Discussion] Sexual Abuse Claims Against MJ Estate - Robson/ Safechuck/ Doe

    Re: Wade Robson files claim of childhood sexual abuse against MJ-Estate I just wish for once people would leave him alone and let him rest in peace. Michael deserves peace after all he has been through, just leave him alone.
  2. Mizz Mina

    Post your mood in ONE word

  3. Mizz Mina

    King of Pop's Secret Lover? 'I Was Michael Jackson's Boyfriend' Update Post 72 Joe's Reply* (Merged)

    just in case you guys didn'tget a chance to see the guy i posted a pic. OMG WHY DO PEOPLE LIE LIKE THIS> LOOK AT THIS MUTHAFU
  4. Mizz Mina

    Oprah Winfrey Demands Money To Be On Michael jackson Album Cover --- WTF?!

    It's good there broke payback for years of lies, hurt and pain. and as for oprah on mj's album cover, id rather roll but naked through a field of needles instead of even envisioning her face on anything of his.
  5. Mizz Mina

    NewsOf TheWorld attack - on Sunday

    why must they still say jack* they should ban that ward. i hate it
  6. Mizz Mina

    Are TMZ suddenly nice?

    I never trust tmz, they have probaaly been paid
  7. Mizz Mina

    SUN reports Ricky Galliano is the voice on Breaking News!!!

    this Ricky Galliano sounds like trash trully, if it is fake, (and I have my doubts) it surely isnt this dummy.
  8. Mizz Mina

    I'd wish anything on Bill O'Reilly after this.

    I ignore people like him. I didnt even know he existed till I read this thread, and thats how it should be, ignore worthless insects like o riely
  9. Mizz Mina

    Jackson's mimic: i had to cheat it

    that dummy sounds a hot mess.
  10. Mizz Mina

    Do you believe in life after death?

    yes I do believe in it
  11. Mizz Mina

    What Are You Listening To?

    Re: What are you listening to? Beautiful in my eyes by Joshua Kadison
  12. Mizz Mina

    Lisa Marie's husband's old band mocks Michael Jackson in flyer

    yeah I can read it and its a dang shame. forget them a..holes I never even heard of this groupd until this so that shows how much they mean to anyone.
  13. Mizz Mina

    Murray's legal bills discussion/ Insurer refuses to pay

    Re: Jackson doctor's legal bills issue in Texas court I hope murray goes to jail and meets big bubba
  14. Mizz Mina

    This picture deserves its own thread

    oh wow. how adorable
  15. Mizz Mina

    Star Arvizo's facebook response

    oh God they don't want me to respond to that. I'd get kicked off the internet if I did.
  16. Mizz Mina

    Update: Behind the Scenes on Jan 28th 8PM ET OWN Channel / Katherine Jackson May Be 'Oprah' Bound

    Re: Katherine Jackson May Be 'Oprah' Bound not oprah omg no. I cant stand her
  17. Mizz Mina

    Sign The Book Of L.O.V.E.

    Ameenah Detroit Mi
  18. Mizz Mina

    If Michael Was Reading This Thread...What would you say?

    I would say that I am so very happy to meet you. Id probably blush while I'm Typing I wouldn't know what to say. But I would try. I'd have told him that I would have love to just sing to him. I would sing him a song, and play, and run in a long field along side him. And That I love him. and even...