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  1. zhelva

    Controversial MJ Documentary Leaving Neverland [GENERAL DISCUSSION THREAD]

    Re: Sundance Festival 2019 - Controversial MJ Documentary "Leaving Neverland" Here you go. A great article, finally!
  2. zhelva

    Michael and the ladies

    I don't wanna watch this thread anymore ?
  3. zhelva

    Nate Giorgio Art

    oh my god, so beautiful !:bugeyed
  4. zhelva

    Which Bad Tour pants was the coolest?

    This thread is getting naughty :wub: I prefer the 2nd ones... but anyway, for me, bad tour style is even better than the gold pants... yummy:dropdead:
  5. zhelva

    Incredible lifelike Michael Jackson Thriller bust [Update] The Creator comments in our thread

    Ok now that I've seen these I never want to go to Madame Tussauds again! In comparison to this, all MJ wax figures suck big time, and I've seen many!! You're incredibly talented... please do something about it, this has to be displayed somewhere, ASAP!:bugeyed :bow: and sorry for screaming :angel:
  6. zhelva

    John Landis says Michael Jackson was too ‘grotesque’ to film

    Ok the bottom line is that what Landis said was extremely offensive, really. It's strange how he said those ugly things and then added 'but I liked him then' or 'I had fun with him'.. like he wanted to make it sound funny or sth... :busted:
  7. zhelva

    John Landis says Michael Jackson was too ‘grotesque’ to film

    Petra, I will have to agree with you here. I know MANY people that say that. LOTS. I, if I am completely objective, think that he looked (judging his proportions) the best in the 80s, so after thriller! Back to the topic: I know this is a touchy subject and I do understand why fans find what...
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    Grumpy cat Michael

    Post more, pls! :)
  9. zhelva

    Paris Jackson Rushed to Hospital After Possible Suicide Attempt

    Re: Paris Jackson Possible Suicide Attempt Rushed to Hospital SHE IS OK Ok I am deeply shocked. I guess something is very very wrong. Maybe she reconnected with Debbie because she had problems at home? who knows.
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    Michael's Manhood Thread - 18+ (Read The First Post For Rules!)

    Re: am I the only one who thinks michael killed it in the bedroom? :bow:
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    Paris Jackson visits with her mother Debbie Rowe

    Ok i hope it does not sound rude but I don't like this pic from the makes her look 30. she doesn't look 15 at all. but I'm glad she's reunited with her mother, finally someone from the outside...
  12. zhelva

    Conrad Murray CNN interviews / Apr 2nd Anderson Cooper / April 5th Documentary

    I dont know if this was already posted but.. what the hell?? From CNN: Michael Jackson's doctor broke into song during an interview from jail with Anderson Cooper.
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    Post picture(s) of Michael in your birth-year

    Re: Post picture of Michael in you birth-year I'm 1989 also. a HOT year lol
  14. zhelva

    Incredible lifelike Michael Jackson Thriller bust [Update] The Creator comments in our thread

    pleeease, contact madame tusaauds!!! its the only way ALL people can see it!!! :D And I'd love to take a picture with it ::wub:
  15. zhelva

    Michael Bush talks about dressing the King of Pop Michael Jackson

    Re: Michael Bush speaking at 'Bath in Fashion' 20th April 2013 (UK) yeah, that is exactly what i wanted to ask too...
  16. zhelva

    Prince Jackson's 16th birthday gift: a career

    word!! PLUS, Michael was 5 when he started (that is kind of soon!), so I don't think 16 is too soon. He had his childhoold, now he is a young man who will soon make his own decisions and if he has a chance to do it then good for him!
  17. zhelva

    Jermaine 'Jacksun' is scaring his siblings by trying to rip off Michael’s act

    Agree with Billie Jean 78 about the Jermaine & Lady Gaga part... It's disturbing and embarrassing! ewww BUT i have to add Seeing Jermaine wearing the "bad" outfit? Almost fell of the chair laughing, he looks like a whale :hysterical:
  18. zhelva

    Wembley DVD Critique /Quality and other prefered concerts over Wembley go here

    I don't think the question is whether they were filmed or not, because they obviously were, based on the evidence posted in this topic. The problem is that the estate doesn't know where they are now...
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    MY Ebay Purchase

    Oh my effing god :D you're so lucky!!!!!!
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    Juliens Auction Dec 2 - The Collection of Tompkins & Bush /Update Controversy surrounding autographs

    Re: Juliens Auction Dec 2 - The Collection of Tompkins and Bush Auction The autographs, the standee and now this? So this wasn't a jacket that he wore at the White house (and was sold under the pretext it was) and it's possible that he never even wore it?! As I said before, I really want to...