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  1. WritergirlAD

    Universal Music Group Sues MJ Estate! (MJ Singing R Kelly Song)

    Re: R.Kelly Sues MJ Estate! lol wtf. it was on the radio! It really should not even be possible to sue over something so stupid.
  2. WritergirlAD

    The royal concert 1996 - screenshots!

    thanks so much for all the pictures! beautiful! :wub:
  3. WritergirlAD

    Daily News - Monday January 18, 2010 - MLK day in USA

    It would have been amazing if Michael gotten the chance to work with Rahman. And, um, yeah, I agree, I can't see Latoya as the new Simon. lol
  4. WritergirlAD

    Was Michael chubby at this time? *2002*

    :lol: lol, me too! omg... :bugeyed :lol: anyway, obviously Michael was heavier at that point, but I think it was mostly due to medical issues (which I won't go into) and the fact that he hadn't been on tour for a while. But that said, I personally love the way he looks with a bit of extra...
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    VH1 TDCAU Video + TII + All Access + Michael Jackson Day (23rd)

    Re: VH1 Classic Premiere TDCAU Video from TII Tuesday so excited for this. I'll definitely be watching :D
  6. WritergirlAD

    RARE PICS of Michael in the 2009 year !

    darn I can't see anything...
  7. WritergirlAD

    [REQUEST]MJ&Lisa in 1998 at her bday

    I found a few more:
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    New Song Snippet - Another Day Featuring Lenny Kravitz (Merged) *No Links*

    Re: New Song Snippet - Another Day Featuring Lenny Kravitz (Merged) :bugeyed Omg, I just listened to it, and wow!! :wild: :wild: :wub: I love it! Michael's voice sounds amazing!! I have it on repeat right now. It makes me sad, because I can't help remembering times on these boards when other...
  9. WritergirlAD

    Rare Pictures Thread

    Re: Some picture I never seen before. so many amazing pics, thanks so much for posting!
  10. WritergirlAD

    Joy Behar needs to be boycotted

    Re: Joy Behar needs to be boycott :puke: Something is really wrong with our culture today. People like Joy Behar are only a symptom of the problem.
  11. WritergirlAD

    Which members have you seen in real life?

    :( none. I've never met another big fan in real life, period.
  12. WritergirlAD

    Pics of you when you were little

    everyone was really adorable :) I only have a few uploaded to my computer
  13. WritergirlAD

    Calling all MJJC.. let's draw together!

    haha this is so cool! :lol:
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    [Merged] Your New Years Resolutions

    Re: New Years Resoultion can't remember if I've posted in a thread like this already, but oh well.. Run at least 5 times a week and be able to run 8 miles without stopping (I'm up to 6 now) Learn to drive Write at least two hours a day (I'm working on a novel right now) be more positive start...
  15. WritergirlAD

    Anybody else?

    Yes, a lot of the time. They're so fake and loud sometimes.
  16. WritergirlAD

    [Merged] Lets Post Our Xmas Presents

    Re: Lets Post Our Xmas Presents For other people, I got mostly jewelry, clothes, books, and gift cards. As for myself, I got: the new book about MJ, Before He Was King (probably my fav. gift-amazing pics) fair trade coffee and tea hairsticks my mom ordered me a bootleg DVD of MJ's History...
  17. WritergirlAD

    RARE Footage of Michael Jackson Recording in Studio!! (from Invincible Era?)

    Well, I wish I had $9000 to spare, but I guess if he's going to end up selling it to tmz or something, we'll end up seeing it anyway. It looks cool, though.
  18. WritergirlAD

    New TII screenshots

    Wow, these are fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing all the pics :wub:
  19. WritergirlAD

    Murray gets his own TV show!!

    :puke: this is just sick. I have no words