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  1. Justin Timberlake On Michael Jackson: '99.79 Percent Of His Songs Are Perfect'

    Don't get his success at all, some critics act like he's a genius, he's just an overrated rip off artist who let Janet take all the blame for the Superbowl incident, he didn't even want to know her after that, he only wanted to save his own ass.
  2. Adam Lambert Calls Michael Jackson's Musical Style 'Groundbreaking'

    I wonder if Adam is really an MJ fan or just trying to promote his single? He didn't sound like he knew what to say, or maybe he's just an idiot!
  3. Adam Lambert Calls Michael Jackson's Musical Style 'Groundbreaking'

    Definitely have to agree with you there. MTV abandoned Michael for years and treated him like a joke, it's too little, too late.
  4. Adam Lambert Calls Michael Jackson's Musical Style 'Groundbreaking'

    Adam Lambert Calls Michael Jackson's Musical Style 'Groundbreaking' 'It'll be really cool,' singer says of the premiere of 'Michael Jackson's This Is It.' By Eric Ditzian During season 8 of "American Idol," Adam Lambert became known for blurring boundaries, mixing elements of pop, '70s glam...
  5. Lady In My Life.

    One of Mike's best performances, the vocals are sublime! There's so much passion in his voice, I wonder who was the "Lady" he was thinking of as he recorded it??? I'd LOVE to know. I don't know why it wasn't released as a single, it's my mother's personal favorite, she prefers it to most of his...
  6. ET's Jermaine Jackson Exclusive!

    Excuse me? I'm not sure what you're trying to say, would you care to elaborate? I'm not sure I understand your post. I didn't see anyone clamoring to interview Jermaine before Mike's passing, if that's what you're talking about. I didn't say "everyone", but I can say it if I like, don't tell me...
  7. Jermaine is on "Dancing With The Stars"!

    Thanks for the support, Duran. I'm sure Donny appreciates all your votes. It's nice to see you recognize REAL talent.
  8. ET's Jermaine Jackson Exclusive!

    Nobody would even be interested in anything Jermaine has to say if it weren't for Michael. He's only getting all this press now because of Mike's death, no one would care about him otherwise. I'm sure he loved his brother, but he's really coming across as an opportunistic egomaniac now. He's...
  9. Jackson 5 vs. The Osmonds

    I think your post said that people in the US don't know anything about the rest of the world, so I guess you are right and you're more knowledgeable than us Americans, because I always thought there were 50 states, can you please name these two new states you've discovered? The Osmonds were...
  10. Jackson 5 vs. The Osmonds

    What does who the Beatles hung out with have to do with anything? They hung out with that Maharishi Yogi guy and he turned out to be a fake too. The Beatles weren't infallible Gods, they made lots of mistakes in judgement. Am I just supposed to accept the Monkees as a real band because they...
  11. What is your weather like?

    Cold and rainy. I love it!
  12. Siedah Garret or Sheryl Crow?

    I've only seen Siedah's performance on the Munich DVD and she was downright embarrassing, MJ blew her off the stage, so I'll have to go with Sheryl on this one. Siedah just doesn't have a distinctive voice to me, I never even knew I Just Can't Stop Loving You was a duet when I was a child, I...
  13. Best Games Console Ever?

    Nintendo 64 and Wii. I've never been able to get into any Playstation games, there's nothing like Mario and Donkey Kong. I just wish they'd bring the original Banjo Kazooie to the Wii, I'm not buying an XBox 360 for one game!
  14. Your favourite J5/ Jacksons songs with no Michael-lead

    I used to skip over all the songs without Michael leads, some of them are very weak, but I Am Love is one of my faves, it's truly an epic production with all the tempo changes, it's like 2 songs in one, it's right up there with some of Mike's own songs.
  15. Jackson 5 vs. The Osmonds

    The Monkees were a band that was specifically created for a TV show, they didn't exist as a group before that, that makes them as real as The Partridge Family.
  16. George Michael!!! [MERGED]

    Re: George Michael!!! George definitely has one of the great voices, I don't care much for his more recent work, but his late 80's/early 90s stuff is just classic, he seems to have lost his way lately, I hope he can sort himself out and make some great music again.
  17. Ellen Degeneres joins judges table on 'American Idol'!

    Maybe Ellen will bring some much needed life back into American Idol, they definitely need a change, the whole show seems to have gotten stale, I haven't enjoyed it as much in the last couple of years.
  18. Jackson 5 vs. The Osmonds

    ABC123, I don't understand how you can compare The Osmonds to The Monkees, The Osmonds weren't some fake band that was just manufactured for a TV show, they are all real musicians who actually play their instruments and wrote a lot of their own material too. I think that's a ridiculous comment...
  19. Jackson 5 vs. The Osmonds

    When I was growing up my older sister was an Osmonds fan and of course I was a Jackson 5 fan, we always used to have some nasty arguments about who was the best, I even tore up some of my sister's Donny Osmond posters when she used to get me angry! During the 70s it was said that the two...