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  1. Name the MJ lyrics

    P.Y.T. "If he dies sympathize"
  2. LaToya with one of MJ's biggest haters: Victor Gutierrez :O

    Re: Why is Latoya jackson Hugging Victor Gutierrez Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if Guiterrez and Diane Dimond are both the true masterminds behind "Leaving Neverland" as well.
  3. Do You Like Morphine?

    Personally in my opinion one of his best songs throughout his entire career. It's very personal and hit hards as I myself I've had previous battles with drug addiction and depression during adolescence and early adulthood.
  4. Were Michael and Prince friends?

    Re: Was Michael and Prince was friends? They weren't close but there wasn't any animosity between them either. They would just see each other here and there in the industry and had more of a professional buisness type of relationship. Musically Michael had a lot of respect for Prince just as he...
  5. Hip Hop / Rap

  6. Hip Hop / Rap

    RIP Nipsey Hussle 🙏
  7. Producers You Wish Had Made Complete Albums With MJ

    Pharrel Williams Timbaland J. Dilla Madlib DJ Premier Kanye West Ludwig Göransson Thundercat
  8. Propofol

    I sympathize with MJ on this issue a lot as a fellow insomniac myself who also has battles benzodiazepine and z-drugs addiction on and off for 3 years. In all honestly he should have never ever started injecting himself with any type of anaesthesia obviously as it would only prolong his sleeping...
  9. Your favorite song on the Dangerous album?

    Who is it and Dangerous (title track)
  10. Dirty Diana

    Dirty Diana and Smooth Criminal are my favorite songs off Bad
  11. Controversial MJ Documentary Leaving Neverland [GENERAL DISCUSSION THREAD]

    This so called "documentary" is complete bullshit. Wades story doesn't even add up with his own mothers testimony Not to mention she was liking pictures and facebook fan pages of MJ as late as 2015 AFTER Wades...
  12. Hip Hop / Rap

    Classic memphis rap! Three 6 Mafia - Ridin in da chevy
  13. R.Kelly Appreciation Thread

    Personally I believe Kelly unlike Michael to be guilty and a very disturbed man. I still love his music tho and listens to it. But as a man I cannot respect him as a person and I hope he gets convicted and goes to prison.
  14. What genre(s) of music do you listen to besides Michael?

    Oh I'm a huge music enthusiastic so I listen to a little bit of everything honestly. But mainly hip hop, r&b and metal (mostly death metal & black metal). Also a big fan of 90's grunge rock music like Nirvana. To give some examples as far as rap goes it's 2Pac, Nas, Jay Z, Wu-Tang Clan, Three...
  15. How Old Are You and How Long Have You Been an MJ Fan?

    I'm 22 turning 23 this summer. I growed up on Michaels music because of my parents especially my mother who had Bad on vinyl. I think my earliest memories of MJ would be from around 6 maybe 7 years old though. I remember that the thriller video really used to scare me ?. I wouldn't say that I...
  16. How Large is Michael's Fan Base?

    He still has 22 million monthly listeners on spotify. I think you definitely underestimate Michaels fanbase. Yes Leaving neverland was a bad look to the public eye but it has been nowhere as damaging to MJs legacy as the media makes it out to be. He still has millions of fans worldwide.