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  1. Norwich???

    Yeah Im around that area and going to the cinema to see it, have my tickets reserved already!!! YAY.
  2. Michael Jackson's Love for God : Its Speechless

    Had Speechless played at my wedding. Myself and my wife love that song.
  3. Hi any Suffolk/Essex Uk people here?

    Norfolk, so not in your target area, but as near as damnit.
  4. Can You Forgive Chris Brown?

    I fail to see how my opinion of this cowardly slimebag hitting a member of the fairer sex can be deemed to be "ignorant" or "stupid". I would wager that Rihanna was frightful for her life or at least health when she was being pounded to a pulp by this young thug. I was young once, and I had...
  5. Only MJ Could Sing "Will You Be There"!

    No one can sing Michaels songs the way that Michael did. There are some nice acoustic versions of some of his slower tracks to be found on Youtube though.
  6. Can You Forgive Chris Brown?

    I totally disagree with this. Age has NOTHING to do with the issue. If you are capable of hitting a woman it can happen at anytime. He has done this once, it may well happen again! Men who beat women to a pulp have a serious problem and should seek professional help. This is where domestic...
  7. Can You Forgive Chris Brown?

    Any man who hits a lady doesnt deserve anything other than contempt!! Just wish she had clobbered him back with a baseball bat to the dome!!!
  8. Michael Jacksons personal arcade

    Glad you all enjoyed looking.
  9. The Scramble Begins for New Michael Jackson Songs

    Ownership of up to 150 unreleased songs, including a comeback album, may be up for grabs among Sony and other music labels To add to the many mysteries surrounding the untimely death of music superstar Michael Jackson, now industry sources are buzzing over who owns the rights to a large number...
  10. My drawing of Michael

    Yes most probably, apologies if I sounded like I was insulting, I honestly wasn't. Good effort. Keep it up!!!
  11. Dangerous

    Hell Yeah!!! I asked my neighbour for a favour/ she said later.............!!!
  12. Michael Jacksons personal arcade

    Anybody seen this?? All I can say is OMFG!!!!!!!!!! LEGEND!!!!!!!
  13. My drawing of Michael

    Its ok, but he looks a bit like the incredible melting man in it!!!!!!!! Better than what I can do, but even so.............
  14. Tribute Remixers? Here Mine - Billie Jean

    Not my kind of thing. Good on you for the remix, but not my thing. But listen to this...........
  15. Michael's favourite Song?

    I heard that of his own work it was Heal The World and Man in the Mirror, She's Out Of My Life and Smile.
  16. Michael Jackson gig promoter to confirm O2 Arena tribute gig 'this week'

    NME News Michael Jackson gig promoter to confirm O2 Arena tribute gig 'this week' Randy Phillips hints that other Jackson family members will perform * Jul 14, 2009 Michael Jackson's London O2 Arena gig promoter Randy Phillips says he is "confident" that a tribute gig for the singer...