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  1. Telha

    Anyone been to the O2 Exhibition?

    Thank u so much for posting the video...I didnt get the opportunity to see the exhibition living on the other side of the ocean, but that video gave me a good insight of what it was...I was close to crying...:( If I were there and saw the Neverland sign (heck even any other thing there) I...
  2. Telha

    MJJC Twitter - Why not follow Us Nation 2 Nation

    Im also following MJJC for a while...Im :)
  3. Telha

    Earthquake in Chile

    I just saw on CNN, first they said this earthquake was 800x stronger than the one that struck Haiti, then they said it was 500...Im cunfused but it is still A LOT stronger...and many countries around the Pacific Ocean are in alert and may be hit by the tsunami... This is so tragic...I'll be...
  4. Telha

    Tilikum the killer whale at seaworld, orlando florida

    If the whale already killed 3 trainers...why on earth do they keep him performing?? Put him back where he belongs, in the sea! Poor thing!
  5. Telha

    New HOT TOYS, BAD/Dirty Diana DX Michael Jackson action figure.

    Ooh Im definately getting this one! I had preordered the BJ doll back then but when it arrived in stock I was paying for my trip to London to see Michael in concert so I couldnt afford it then and cancelled. But to be honest I didnt like his updated face, I prefer the 1st one. The Thriller...
  6. Telha

    REQ High Res covers of Captain EO and MJ&Friends

    Hi guys If anyone has a high resolution or at least a good quality dvd cover for Captain EO and/or MJ & Friends Live in Munich 99, I would really appreciate it! :flowers: Thx
  7. Telha

    Phen Phen? Michael died of Phen Phen?

    Well I usually forget to have my meals on time and that makes me feel weak sometimes, and Im not half as busy as he was lately...but yes, having someone to feed him doesnt sound too good, doesnt make him look soooo in top shape...
  8. Telha

    Phen Phen? Michael died of Phen Phen?

    ^ I suppose the same person hired to "remind him to eat" would also remind him to drink plenty of water too....imo...
  9. Telha

    Phen Phen? Michael died of Phen Phen?

    why would he take that if he was anything but obese??
  10. Telha

    Nancy Grace

    does this bitch have a twitter?? i wanna say a few 'kind' words to her....
  11. Telha

    Let's boycott Lil wayne music...

    Some people are so poor, all they have money. His case. If someone took all his money he wouldnt have anything left...nothing. Does he know the word legacy?? I dont think so.
  12. Telha


    We could "see it in every song" but wait...the whole album is filled with this...morphine, botdf, superfly sister, ghosts, is it scary...i think he havent recovered from the 93 accusations and was still addicted to painkillers by 97 (or whenever he wrote them) and was in a very depressed...
  13. Telha

    Unseen Video For News of The World (Sad)

    my poor baby...he never deserved to be put in such a painful situation... :no:
  14. Telha

    His legacy is NOT DEATH. Its LIFE! - Heal the World Foundation

    Any of the mods or admins know that??? anyone? thanks
  15. Telha

    Smash Hits being revived for one-off Jackson special

    Wow Smash Hits... I remember when I used to buy it ages ago.... I cant get this one or the King of Pop one, which I really want...I tried to register on the site to get the kop but couldnt do it.....anyone help?
  16. Telha

    This week really blows...WATCH THIS and like magic, you laugh so hard you cry ;)

    hahahahaha lmao :lmao: this is great...thank u so much for making us laugh again, we really need it! i loved the 'sit in a cup in a ride' lol did he know what he was saying?? buttercup a day hey hey :lol:
  17. Telha

    His legacy is NOT DEATH. Its LIFE! - Heal the World Foundation

    yeah i remember that..thats why im asking if its legit...i remember a woman who got the domain and we dunno what she did with the donations...hold ur money, guys, lets donate but lets make sure where its going first! :)
  18. Telha

    His legacy is NOT DEATH. Its LIFE! - Heal the World Foundation

    anyone??? wont we make this happen y'all??
  19. Telha

    Help me with my MJ tattoo

    surely I will. :yes: Thanks :flowers:
  20. Telha

    Help me with my MJ tattoo

    there isnt but the guy needs a better quality to amplify it and get all the details...he said it isnt very clear...