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  1. What you think about the 30th Anniversary concerts?

    I love the performance on the 10th. To me it has a great spirit, even if MJ isnÂ’t in the best shape. The JacksonsÂ’ section is amazing, the intro to TWYMMF is sublime, and I particularly like the Beat It performance on this night.
  2. Artistic Decisions in Michael Jackson's Career That Are Questionable

    He does complain of laryngitis at around 6:10 in this video: This was early on in the HIStory tour in Thailand. So he likely did have the condition and was finding the recovery tough. But I do agree with you, thereÂ’s no way that he had it for the duration of the tour.
  3. Was This Is It going to have the longest setlists out of all of Michael's shows?

    I would hope so, but I recall hearing Travis Payne suggest that since Smooth Criminal was on the setlist, You Rock My World wouldn’t be included. Apparently the theme of the choreography was too similar (gangsters).
  4. Artistic Decisions in Michael Jackson's Career That Are Questionable

    Invincible is great, but it could’ve seriously benefitted if he had finished Hollywood Tonight and Xscape and they were on the album in place of tracks like Invincible and Cry. Also, the cover art was poor compared to his previous albums. Call the album Unbreakable, replace a few songs and...
  5. Was This Is It going to have the longest setlists out of all of Michael's shows?

    There’s room for at least one song from Invincible on there... right? Guess he didn’t think so. A typical HIStory show ran for around 2hrs 15 mins, so this set may have lasted around the same amount of time all-in-all.
  6. The Michael Jackson Musical: 'MJ'

    I wish they would go into his personal life in this show. Although maybe that wouldn’t make for a good Broadway story; it’s all about the spectacle in the end isn’t it? Sucks that there might not be any HIStory or Invincible songs, those eras are ignored all too often. I hope one day I’ll be...
  7. New MJ content (Possibility)

    Branca is teasing us... It could be the delayed HIStory 25 project that they spoke briefly about in the updated FAQ on MJ’s website.
  8. Was American Bandstand 2002 the last time we saw MJ with curls (until TII)?

    Nothing concrete yet, but here’s hoping.
  9. Was American Bandstand 2002 the last time we saw MJ with curls (until TII)?

    Apollo shows were after American Bandstand I believe. The American Bandstand special was broadcast after the Apollo concert but that’s because it was on tape delay. The 2002 curls have nothing on the Bad > HIStory curls and even the This Is It curls. I wish he never abandoned that look in the...
  10. IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Donator Incentives

    Bit of a long shot here but, community events? There are a lot of people here but there isn’t a huge sense of community. It feels like we’re all just kinda waiting for a new release that may not come out for years yet if we’re unlucky. I know recently I’ve been popping in daily mostly just to...
  11. New MJ content (Possibility)

    Does it really matter if the songs are remixed if the original demos are on the album anyway? The estate would never release just the demos, it wouldn’t happen because an album like that wouldn’t chart well enough. No way would the top minds of the music industry accept an album of half finished...
  12. Ron Burkle Restoring Neverland

    Re: Ron Burkle Restoring Neverland? Exciting! Even if it does not open to the general public, there is still some hope that with this arrangement that fans may be able to see Neverland in the most authentic way possible.
  13. What did MJ actually eat/drink?

    Orange juice seemed to be the drink of choice on the HIStory tour, he can be seen drinking it on many occasions during breaks. There’s also that clip of him in Singapore(?) 1993 when he claims to only be having orange juice for his breakfast
  14. Taj Jackson's MJ Documentary - Updates and Discussion [MERGED]

    Netflix shows LN not because they have any sort of allegiance to HBO or Reed, Robson and Safechucks’ crusade; they are showing LN because they believe it will generate traffic and revenue. If there is money to be made in Taj’s documentary series, Netflix will host it. Possibly even alongside LN...
  15. Jonathan Sugarfoot Moffett Drum Cam Exact Dates?

    He claims the footage is from Cape Town but I think the general consensus is that the footage is of the final HWT concert in Durban, South Africa on October 15, 1997
  16. New MJ content (Possibility)

    Re: New MJ content? There are so many bootlegs on his YouTube channel, that Manila one is even still on Spotify. Can whoever runs these accounts really do nothing about it? Or are they just okay with them being available?
  17. The Paul Anka tracks -- 1980 or 1983?

    I do find the MJCast’s anti-estate bias to be rather eye-rolling at times, it can be quite boring to listen to them include a caveat as to how much they dislike the estate EVERY time they speak about a new MJ product. I’m not a big fan of the estate either and I do wish they did more for us and...
  18. Michael Jackson & the binary, etc.

    I think the binary is going to be a thing of the past soon enough and if anything Michael helped break down those barriers. He was unapologetically himself throughout his life and he’s all the better for it. Although I would say that MJ’s voice was noticeably deeper at several points (YRMW...
  19. Martin Bashir playing with Michael? :/

    Yeah he was played and looking at the behind the scenes footage it’s easy to see how. Bashir made many remarks about how great Neverland was and how his documentary was going to show the good side of Micheal. MJ always took people at their word and Bashir was a great manipulator. The man has...
  20. Smooth Criminal leans on HIStory Tour 1997

    He may have been more cautious after falling in a lean during a 1996 Tokyo show.