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  1. Off The Wall First Edition CD USA

    I just saw your Twitter post, excellent guide there's a copy for sale and it isn't that one. Glad i didn't buy it
  2. Off The Wall First Edition CD USA

    I really don't hear the difference when listening to both
  3. Off The Wall First Edition CD USA

    I do know there is a version from Japan on CD that does have the original mix of rock with you, the Japanese 258P edition, so I'm not sure if a US one was ever made. I did find one in a record store, on CD but looking on discogs it doesn't mention if it has the original mixes or not. (I do...
  4. Off The Wall First Edition CD USA

    Which is the first edition of The US release of off the Wall on CD that has no hand claps in rock with you? I've been trying to hunt one down but don't know which one is the one.
  5. How did Michael’s troubles with Sony Music begin?

    I read around '88 so not sure
  6. No Victory songs on the Victory tour?

    Victory tour concert needs to get an official release, yeah i always found it weird no songs from Victory were on the tour. (It's the closest thing to a Thriller tour, and weird how thriller was never performed)
  7. Eddie Murphy talks about Whatzupwitu and Remember the Time

    it's funny because I had this on my iPod nano, and people were like "Eddie Murphy?" Because they don't know he sings some songs. And Is it true that Paul McCartney is in the song Yeah
  8. How did Michael’s troubles with Sony Music begin?

    The thing is in real life when companies buy other companies, things change, policies change, etc *Cough disney and star wars*
  9. Best song on Invincible

    For me it would be heaven can wait mostly, because it brings back memories to when I would sneak on the computer late at night, to just play games and watch YouTube videos.
  10. The MJ Estate Has Updated the FAQ Page on the Official Website

    My lord i read the faq... Idk someone mentioned there was a lot of contradicting
  11. A Film Release Of Michael Jacksons Bad Tour 1988/89! PETITION | All help needed!

    already signed it, I'm amazed that there is no other footage in hd of the bad tour, I don't want to wait until Bad 50
  12. YouTube Channel 'The Detail' [MERGED]

    Re: Your Opinions On The Michael Jackson Youtube Channel The Detail It would be excellent if they would put a lot of the videos remastered up to 4K.
  13. How did Michael’s troubles with Sony Music begin?

    I feel it happened when Sony bought out Epic, because epic was originally owned by CBS
  14. HIStory 25 [MERGED]

    The estate is literally sitting on a gold mine if they would re-release anniversary releases of all these albums I'm a bit disappointed though