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  1. Bruno Mars Thread [ Merged ]

    Re: Bruno Mars! the most awesome tribute ever! I think hes great, really loving his music.
  2. Michael Jackson in Soul Train

    I really hope it is perfect quality and not copied, will wait and see before i decide to buy it.
  3. Is Elvis Overrated?

    Well i suppose you can't shine for everyone, you either see what is special about someone , or you dont, everyone sees something different i guess, just like i also see what was special about michael , but some ppl dont, its just how it is.:yes:
  4. Michael Jackson in Soul Train

    where does it say its from sony? sounds like a bootleg to me.
  5. Is Elvis Overrated?

    Charisma has nothing to do with how you look, its just something about you that shines through, you could be ugly but still have charisma, and i have to say i have never heard elvis sing bad , not even on his last ever concert 6 weeks before his death. He looked bad at that time but his voice...
  6. Is Elvis Overrated?

    Never said he didnt have charisma, just said he didnt have the charisma that elvis had , which was intense, even as a child i was attracted to elvis he had something about him thats hard to explain.
  7. Adam Lambert

    Good song, i like Adam , wanted him to win american idol, he is good looking guy , prefer him without the makeup , but hes a looker.
  8. Is Elvis Overrated?

    Yes i have listened to and watched jackie wilson, i like his voice a lot, and he was great on stage, but he just didnt have the charisma and sexiness that elvis had, and i still like elvis's voice better, Elvis was jut so unique something special about him that is hard to explain, he was...
  9. Happy birthday elvis

    Happy 75th anniversary of elvis's birth:wub: so nice to see other mj fans who also love elvis, i can not believe how much lisa maries son looks like a very young elvis, wow amazing. This is just beautifulhttp://
  10. Is Elvis Overrated?

    Well the reason i love Elvis was for his voice and his charisma on and off stage, yeah he didnt write his own songs, but neither did sinatra and he was an icon too, Elvis's voice to me was amazing, he sang with so much emotion that you believed every word he uttered, he also sang so many...
  11. Is Elvis Overrated?

    I agree with everything you say , and elvis sang with so much emotion that you believe every word he sang, thats what makes up a good singer, and his voice was incredible, and on stage he was unique in his performance, the way he did things , love love elvis and he deserves all the credit he...
  12. 'THIS IS IT' - exactly same as "I NEVER HEARD" sang by Safire in 1991?

    Oh i love michaels version , really loves his voice the emotion he puts into it, the safire version lacks emotion. no comparison .
  13. Missing Celebs.

    Has anyone heard any mention from david gest? he is very close to the whole jackson family and i havent heard any kind of statement from him.
  14. Concerts Are Now Sold Out!

    Yes all 50 sold out in a few hours, i got tickets on the presale , but have to wait untill jan to see him.
  15. Ticket Talk ONLY!!

    Re: Ticket Talk ONLY! ^^ thats what i thought but it keeps saying no tickets available.
  16. Ticket Talk ONLY!!

    Re: Ticket Talk ONLY! I ve just got a code e mailed to me, but it just says no tickets available at the moment when i try to get tickets, i really dont understand how some ppl are getting them so easily.
  17. Ticket Talk ONLY!!

    Re: Ticket Talk ONLY! I have still not got a code from i registered on thurs.:(
  18. The I got my TICKETS thread [ Now with a poll ]

    Re: The I got my TICKETS thread I only got to try once and then it would not accept my code anymore , kept saying the code is not in thier system:(so i have lost out.
  19. Ticket Talk ONLY!!

    Re: Ticket Talk ONLY! I did not get a pin code:(so everybody def has not recieved one.
  20. Mark Lester:"Michael is raring to go!"

    Dont know if anyone heard on the radio today , but they were saying that michael is going to be singing live at the o2 concerts, no lip synching at all , completely live. So that pleases me very much.:)