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  1. NEW SONG - Akon feat. Michael Jackson "Hold my hand" [updates in post #1]

    Refreshing to hear a new song from MJ. I like Akon's voice too. Somehow I'm a fan of singers with extraordinary voices. E.g. Freddie Mercury, Axl Rose and MJ, of course.
  2. The Jackson 5 Thread

    I recently decided to bought all of their albums (except G.I.T which I couldn't find). I must say, I didn't make the wrong decision. :)
  3. Ice hockey World championships 08

    All of my friends are talking about this all the time. It's so irritating. I don't care about ice hockey anymore, not at this time of year. If those championships would be in the middle of winter, I'd watch them. But now I'm already waiting the European football championships, so hockey doesn't...
  4. The story of how you became a Michael Jackson fan

    It was just in last year. My sister had borrowed Thriller from the local library and I guess she copied it into our computer. I don't remember much about that time anymore, but I have a clear memory about the album laying on the computer desktop. :D That's pretty much all I remember. In some...
  5. Best unreleased song is...?

    Who else would love if MJ released all the unreleased songs and the songs that are not in the studio albums all in one pack? For example, if I buy the Ultimate Collection, I get three CD:s full of material I already own. Because of that I'm not even thinking about purchasing one.
  6. New Info on Fall Out Boy Beat It Video/ Official video on pg.5 **All threads Merged**

    Re: 'Beat It' Cover A Huge Success Oh that sounded horrible compared to the original. And Beat It ain't Beat It without the opening Bongs. :D
  7. your fav mjj album cover "art"

    The re-release of Off the Wall. It's brilliant. The original Thriller also is pretty classy. I pretty much don't don't care about the rest.
  8. Finnish MJ Fans

    Re: Finnish MJ fans.. BTW did you watch Uutisvuoto (News leak or smthn) one day, when Simo Frangen was there. He told that yesterday on Ilta-Sanomat was a picture of a bunch of luggages. The text below the pic said something like "The blue luggage supposedly belongs to Paris Hilton!". What a...
  9. How do you open torrent and rar files?

    Torrent files are like links to the real files and you must open them with for example uTorrent or another torrent client. Not meaning to be rude or anything, but next time try to google first.
  10. Queen

    No problem. I too think that version is way better than the Mick Jagger one. You can now preorder the album online!
  11. Which rapper(s) should feature on Michael's new album?

    Snoop Dogg, that'd be cool. Anyone else but Eminem!
  12. WBSS Singel Picture cover (collector)

    That cover is neat! Superior to the previous singles, I'd say.
  13. Best unreleased song is...?

    I love all the Off the Wall and Thriller out-takes, but Hot Street, Trouble and Night Line are my favorites.
  14. Everyone has a song that means somthing to them, whats yours?

    I don't have any especially meaningful songs, but to pick one, I'd say Heal the World. The title says it all. I've just been such a horrible person and I still am. It reminds me to.. well, to be a better person in every aspects of life, towards other people and towards God.
  15. Streetwalker apprecation thread

    I love that song. I can't believe how they left it off Bad. Good thing we have the special edition. :)
  16. Finnish MJ Fans

    Re: Finnish MJ fans.. Just came by to say hi! :)
  17. What genre(s) of music do you listen to besides Michael?

    I don't listen any of Michael's solo career's main genres. :D I mostly listen to rock. Blues rock is my favorite subgenre. Reggae is also cool.
  18. Red Hot Chili Peppers

    It's the only 'current' band I listen. :D Well, I do listen some old bands, who still tour and I listen some christian bands too.
  19. who are your top ten singers of all time

    1. Michael Jackson (Why else would I be here?) 2. Freddie Mercury (At some other time, I could put him no 1, but now I voted for MJ) 3. Axl Rose (Like the ones above, his voice is so recogniseable and good) 4. Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull, I love the way he says thick as abrick :P) 5. Eric Clapton...
  20. Can you type * Michael Jackson * with your eyes closed?

    Re: can you type this with your eyes closed? Id I can tupe this message with my wtes closed, I've been too muuch on the computer! :laugh: